040303-N-4958O-004 Ivana, Republic of the Philippines (RP) Mar. 3, 2004 Ð Filipino dentist Irma Villeta, left, and Naval Reserve Dental Technician 1st Class Aimee Arnold, treat local patients during the medical assistance phase of Exercise Balikatan 2004. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Mark H. Overstreet. (RELEASED)

Most people often tend to confuse dental technicians with dentists. However, the two are very different. The dentist is responsible for writing prescriptions and providing treatment to a patient. A dental technician, on the other hand, is a part of the dental team who’s responsible for making and restoring dental appliances. Simply put, a dental technician is responsible for making and repairing artificial dentures for patients. If you have chipped or damaged teeth, getting an artificial denture installed makes sense. However, artificial dentures can get damaged due to many reasons. If you sustain an injury and there’s impact to the denture, it is likely to break.

Emergency Repairs

Dental technicians in Middlesex offer emergency repair services for damaged or broken dentures. Many people begin to panic if their dentures get damaged unexpectedly. However, all you have to do is call the dental technician and set an appointment. Using high-quality repair tools and his or her skills, the dental technician will repair the broken denture so that you can smile with confidence again. Many dental technicians also offer extensive after-sales service to reassure their clients.

Making New Dentures

Most dental technicians take referrals from patients or local dentists. If you are a private patient, you can visit the dental technician to get your denture made. The dental technician will take measurements and require a confirmation from your dentist before starting work. Many dental technicians also work with local dentists. Whenever a dentist needs to get a denture made, they send over the scans and models to the technicians. The technicians use computerised machinery to create artificial dentures. Most dentures today are made from porcelain and other resilient materials. After your denture is installed, you will also need to visit the dentist for several weeks for follow-up treatment and check-ups.