Plenty of older people have dentures. In days gone by, dental hygiene was not as much of a priority as it is today, and so many people lost all or even some of their teeth earlier in life. This meant that they had to either have their teeth replaced with bridges or full implants or opt for a set of quality dentures.

Modern dentures are an affordable way to put the smile back on your face. Whether you have had missing teeth for many years from impact, injury, or disease, or have recently found yourself in a position where you need a new set made, Nuneaton dental technicians can repair and polish your smile.

Repairing Your Smile

Nothing lasts forever, whether it is your own teeth or a set of dentures. No matter how durable modern dentures are, they will need repairs from time to time. Due to the specialised nature ofthe material, the detail of the mould, and the colouring, dentures that require repairs need to be taken to a dental laboratory so that a qualified dental technician can evaluate them and make the necessary repairs.

This is a process that requires specialised tools and years of experience. A dental technician must also colour-match any new additions to the set of dentures to the existing colouring so that it looks natural.

Protecting Your Teeth

If you play a sport like rugby, hockey, lacrosse, or boxing, you know that the chances of sustaining a serious impact injury to your teeth are relatively high. Dental technicians can make a mould of your natural set of teeth and create a mouth guard that is tough and durable and fits perfectly. This will protect your teeth from many impact injuries and ensure that you can smile with a full set of your own teeth!