There are different types of cosmetic surgery that can be done on any part of the human body and thanks to technology, procedures today are safer. With more people opting to have cosmetic alterations done on them, naturally one would look to have the procedure done at the best hospitals and by the best surgeons. Contrary to popular belief that the United States of America is the best country for cosmetic surgery, South Korea is rated as the most popular country in cosmetic surgery. This is due to high rising popularity of cosmetic surgery in Asia. The procedure that is most requested is the blepharoplasty which is commonly known as the double eyelid surgery. In South Korea, twenty percent of the women living in the capital city, Seoul have undergone cosmetic surgery.

The second country most popular country for plastic surgery is Greece. However, due to the country’s economic struggle, it was not expected to rate so highly since more often than not these procedures are very expensive. Among the top procedures performed are the Breast enlargement and penis enlargement. In 2010 alone, 592 penis enlargement procedures were performed.

Coming in third is Italy having 815,745 procedures performed in 2010 alone. The most popular Procedure being the injectable filler Botox and Liposuction which has over sixty nine thousand reported cases.

Brazil is ranked fourth with the most common procedures requested being breast implants and liposuction. Interestingly, most Brazilians see cosmetic surgeries as a status symbol. The country also has several government based tax-deduction systems in place to support elective plastic surgery. This is because the government believes that additional income from those in the industry will pay up for the money lost to the tax deductions.

Coming in closely, the fifth best country known for cosmetic procedures is Colombia with Liposuction being considered the hottest procedure in the market. In addition, it is known to attract many foreigners who opt to have their cosmetic surgeries done there. This is commonly known as cosmetic tourism. However, one is advised to really do his or her research well before deciding to get plastic surgery abroad.

The sixth best country to have a procedure done is none other than the United States of America with the most demanded procedures being the breast augmentation surgery and liposuction. Currently, people are more open about the procedures they have had done unlike in the past where people found it shameful to admit that they had had surgical alterations. In 2010, reports show that more than 3.3 million people had invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures performed. However, despite the economic hardship in the USA, the demand continues to rise with time. This has led to many foreigners to seek treatment there. Appointments and travel arrangements may be made online. However, it is a requirement for those coming from Visa Waiver Program countries to fill in the ESTA visa forms online prior to their travel.

Coming in at number seven on the list is Taiwan with facial cosmetic surgery such as wrinkle reduction procedures being the most common. In particular, Botox is the most popular. In 2010, reports show that two hundred and twenty one thousand one hundred and sixteen surgical procedures were performed. The trends displayed by the media plays a big role in Taiwan’s demand for surgery and have driven a lot of people to get alterations and enhancements.