One of the most widespread groups of problems is dental emergencies happening at the most unexpected moment and place. Unfortunately, a lack of information among people leads to more awful complications when these conditions occur. That’s because dental emergencies should be managed appropriately, and you can’t wait to receive the needed care services like the less urgent problems you have experienced before. This is the key to saving your beautiful smile and preventing riskier threats to your oral wellness. Fortunately, you can receive the required services from a professional emergency specialist since they are educated and trained for years to treat these issues and know how to protect your oral well-being. In the first place, you should call your reliable emergency expert to see what instructions to follow until you can visit them in their office. There are some questions they might ask you on the phone to be well-prepared and give you helpful information based on your condition. Here are a few questions you have to answer if you want to preserve your white pearls.

Is the Discomfort Temporary or Constant?

According to an emergency dentist in Toronto, your specialist should know whether your tooth is infected or not. Therefore, they ask you questions about your pain consistency and tooth sensitivity to understand the possibility of root infection.

How Long Are You Experiencing This Condition?

They need to know the period you experience this level of discomfort to analyze the severity level. They also ask you questions about the location of the intended tooth to be better prepared when you visit them. In some cases, they take X-ray images, especially when you inform them you feel pain in the back of your mouth.

What Are the Symptoms?

The most important question they ask you is about the symptoms you are dealing with. For instance, pockets of pus in one’s mouth are the symptom of a severe emergency tooth infection. They also ask you whether you have experienced a trauma, such as an impact on your face while playing sports and so on. You need to explain to your emergency dentist the pain level you experience and all the symptoms you notice in your mouth.

Is Your Dental Restoration Loose?

They ask you this question to understand whether you have a loose crown, filling, or veneer in your mouth. In such cases, they may refer you to the cosmetic specialist who had bonded these restorations or received them themselves if possible. In more urgent conditions, they remove the restoration and suggest you get a new one. All these details help your emergency dentist gauge the amount of time to schedule a perfect plan.

Did You Receive a Root Canal Before?

Some dental emergencies are the results of a failed root canal treatment. That’s why your emergency dentist checks your medical history to determine all possibilities. Such conditions can even lead to emergency tooth removal as the last option to preserve your healthy smile.

Finally, you must visit your emergency dentist in person as soon as possible to manage such conditions. This call is only a preparation for your dentist to offer the highest quality of services for your problem.