Kids are known to throw tantrums and a big fit when it comes to food. They love junk food and healthy food is out of question. They will beat their heads to the floor till their ears start bleeding. Here are 7 ways in which you can maintain your kid’s health by giving them good food in a balanced diet:

The most important thing you show is you should not force your kids to complete eating whatever is there on the plate. This is mainly for two reasons:

They get tired of the taste too fast. Their attention span is very low. Attention to taste or anything for that matter.

Their appetites are small and prefer eating every few hours. Kids may say that they are full and ate their heart’s content, but they will always have room for dessert. The reason is given in the next tip

Make sure you do not serve them too much. Sometimes, they may ask for more. This is a possible fake craving. Make sure your kids do not over eat.

Kids love anything to do with sugar. Sweet treats are to kids like dog treats are to dogs. Not comparing kids and dogs, but it is a good way to make them understand the benefits of eating well. If they eat their veggies, they could get a pudding or ice cream.

 Inspire them to eat their breakfast. Enjoy your breakfast along with them. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. They are sure to be healthy and live a strong life. Involve them in your daily eating too. Your breakfast with them is the best way they will learn to eat healthy since they tend to mimic your ways.

 Do not encourage your kid in eating out often. This is one the most important causes of obesity. And obesity is a huge problem today resulting in many illnesses related to the heart.

 Growing kids need calcium. Calcium is abundant in milk. Encourage your kid to drink milk every day. Tell them the importance of calcium for strength and how is can cause many medical issues when not taken. Look up the internet for you to know how to teach them.

Replace the artificial desserts with fruits. Fresh fruit juices and yogurts are options. Both can be made at home. You do not have to buy ready made products , they may contain preservatives that are harmful in the long run

 Fibrous foods help in many ways. Many kids yearn to eat those kinds of food. Navy beans, oats, bran flakes and so on are rich fibre.

These 7 tips are most important for you to keep your kid healthy with a healthy diet. Do spread awareness for children’s well-being and financial support through tax credits and CSA for helping other kids live a happy and prosperous life