It’s a vicious circle that when you need to do exercise the most it’s when you feel like doing it the least. Getting the energy to exercise is usually the biggest hurdle to people starting a new exercise regime. Obesity has reached unprecedented proportions and globally and nationally people are starting to realise the dangers are too large to ignore. As technology becomes ever more ubiquitous we need to remember that humans aren’t designed to sit down all day at a desk.

Modern lifestyles breed and encourage sluggish behavior. Diets that lack fiber, fruit and vegetables leave digestive systems sluggish and result in nutrient deficient fatigue. Coupled with a more sedentary working routine there are few opportunities in day-to-day life to keep fit through daily activities alone? It’s more important than ever to consciously control diet and integrate exercise into a weekly regime.

Drastic changes to routine aren’t usually advised, so it’s worth consulting your GP to develop a new healthier strategy together. For example, we’ve all had the notion of ‘five a day‘drummed into us, but does anybody know exactly what constitutes one portion of every type of fruit and vegetable? Three mushrooms, five, ten?! Consulting a dietician can kick-start a healthy eating plan, releasing more energy and making exercise seem like less of a distant dream?

Boosting your digestive tract will have a knock on effect in getting a more active daytime routine started. Traditionally, colonic irrigations have been favoured to try and launch an attack on sluggishness, however nowadays supplements such as colon cleanse tablets from Evolution Slimming can help to implement a healthier lifestyle while being far less invasive. It’s often little steps such as these can signal a larger step change.

Once the fatigue and bloating that frequently accompany an unhealthy diet have subsided, it’s surprising how quickly exercise becomes easier to get motivated for. Integrating exercise in gradually is a good start – simply walking the dog regularly will liberate lots of people from their sofas. For families who could all do with having less ‘screen time’ in the day it’s worth finding things you can do together; bike rides in the summer or playing frisbee on the beach on your summer holidays.

And just as not doing exercise leads to further inactivity, once that cycle is broken the exercise starts sneaking in other ways too: a Sunday walk in the local park, dusting off the trunks for a swim. Perhaps eventually the only hurdle you’ll be facing will be those on the track.