healthy skin

Whether you’re struggling with dry, flaky skin, a frustratingly oily complexion or uneven tone and texture, you may be feeling frustrated with your skin. Taking care of your complexion is the best way to help ensure healthy skin, which in turn acts as a barrier against infection and disease. Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything for your skin, you may not have given these essential tips a go.

Go Out for Special Treatments Occasionally to Boost Your Maintenance Efforts

Although looking after your skin at home is important, you can help your efforts go farther with complementary cosmetic treatments. Once in a while, consider going out to a specialist for rf microneedling packages, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and other special treatments that can help take your skin to the next level. These procedures can help you more easily address targeted concerns and, as a bonus, can leave you feeling extra relaxed!

Establish an Everyday Routine That Keeps Your Skin Clean and Healthy

Even if you’re going to the esthetician regularly, however, having an everyday routine is foundational for your skin. Make sure to clean your skin gently every morning and night, avoid irritating products and use ingredients such as antioxidants to get your skin glowing.

Practice Good Sun Protection Habits

Last but certainly not least, good sun protection habits are critical for skin health. Too much exposure to the sun can lead to sunburns, sunspots and may even increase the risk of skin cancer later on. Make sure you always wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 on your face, neck and hands, and consider putting on sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats when stepping out for an additional layer of protection.

Looking after your skin every day is essential for good skin health and a more vibrant complexion. If you’re frustrated with your current complexion, try these easy tips, stick with a healthy routine and track your results!