Thread Veins

Many people suffer from swollen veins in the body’s blood vessels. These are known as thread veins. Like varicose veins, thread veins cause pain and trigger discomfort. Though thread veins are not fatal, yet if neglected for long these veins can cause complex health concerns. Learn more about Modern Vascular Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico On Facebook

Let’s Take A Deeper Look At The Thread Veins:

Many people get confused about varicose veins and thread veins. Upon their visit to the clinics, their main question comes as ‘what are thread veins? The right answer is here: Thread veins or surface veins or broken veins or venous flares or spider veins are small blood vessels in the dermis of the skin that have become constricted and visible from the outside. Thread veins resemble appearance like spiders and are common among male and female adults. Almost 80% of the adult population experience the discomfort of thread veins. 

Thread veins can be prevented. The thread veins are likely to happen mainly in the legs’ veins, and sometimes in the face too. It generates various kinds of uneasiness while standing and walking. 

Several Options Are There To Stop The Thread Veins From Occurring:

  • The basic step is to avoid sitting and standing for long hours. It is advised to maintain a considerate level of movement daily for decreasing the chance of thread veins’ formation. 
  • Again, certain foods can amplify the condition of thread veins. Of them, caffeine, spicy food, alcohol are some. Hence, staying away from these foods can help to prevent the thread veins from occurring.  
  • Laser treatment is a popular option for prevention of the thread veins. Through the use of effective laser technique, thread veins that are smaller than 3 mm can be sealed or closed. These veins are required to be closer to the skin’s outermost surface level. In this method, a strong beam of laser light is passed via the affected area leading to clot and gradually dry.
  • Endogenous Laser Therapy or EVLT: In this method, anesthesia is given to the patients. A small cut is made along the affected vein for inserting the laser fiber. The veins collapse because of the high heat. It takes some months for the patient to recover completely.
  • Psychotherapy is another instrumental procedure for decreasing the discomfort and swelling. The treatment involves injecting an irritant to the affected vein that leads the veins to stick together and eventually disappears. Multiple sessions are usually required. 
  • You can prevent the occurrence of thread veins by applying home remedies like wearing compression stockings that help in smoothing out the blood flow in the body, especially the legs. 

It is best not to let the thread veins occur by adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising on a regular basis and taking care of the diet. If there will be no thread or spider veins, you do not need to spend money on doctors for the pain and suffering it may cause.