Since the start of this century, there has been an exponential rise in the number of vapers worldwide. The obvious health benefits when weighed against the harmful diseases caused by tobacco, make vaping an easy choice for those who wish to continue ingesting nicotine. Vaping technology isn’t standing still, with innovative flavours being created almost on a daily basis. Regarding tastes, there are fruity flavours, beverages, desserts, and blends of tobacco aromas that are all widely available, so you are bound to find something you like.

Online solutions

Vaping arrived when the Internet had already made its mark on modern living, and today’s suppliers often manufacture their own equipment, and create their own unique flavours. X Cigs are a leading supplier of all things vape, and their range of flavours and starter kits are appealing to say the least. They also have an online savings calculator that can quickly tell you how much you would save by switching to vaping, and with a speedy delivery service, you are only a few days away from a new beginning.

Starter kits

Of course, if you are going to try vaping, you will need the necessary equipment, which includes the following,

  • A battery to power the device (rechargeable)
  • 1 Clearomiser (The device)
  • I bottle of e-liquid
  • 1 high speed USB charger
  • 1 USB wall adapter

Some starter kits contain small amounts of different flavours, to give the new user a variety of tastes, and if you should find one you prefer, it is easy to re-order that flavour.

Flavour development

Many flavours are now on the market, and people like to have variety, something unheard of with cigarettes, so by ordering three or four of your favourites, mixing it up brings a welcome change.

Higher voltage

More experienced vapers require higher temperatures when vaping, so there is a range of power outputs, and new devices are more efficient in their delivery. The latest generation of clearomisers have adjustable power outputs and airflow tanks, which gives the user a fine level of control. With so many accessories and flavours, it makes sense to source a reputable online supplier, and make it a one-stop shopping experience.

Join the club

The number of people turning to e-cigarettes is growing exponentially, and if you have yet to make the change, the benefits are many. No longer will you inhale the harmful toxins that tobacco contains, and with a safer, more effective way to ingest nicotine, your health and your pocket will benefit greatly. Tobacco smokers are slowly being restricted, as governments have realised just how harmful this habit is, and are making every effort to segregate smokers. Vaping is not only harmless to others, it is also socially accepted, and the tobacco smoking bans do not affect vapers. Vaping has stood the test of time, and with more efficient devices and attractive new flavours, the world of vaping is an interesting place to explore. The financial advantages of vaping make it irresistible to some, and when you consider the price of cigarettes, which keep rising in price, vaping makes even more sense.