One of the best gifts you can give to your loved one is giving them an executive check-up or an annual medical checkup to determine their overall health. A medical checkup is one of the most important clinical services you can find in a hospital, diagnostics center or medical clinics anywhere in the world.

However, getting a medical checkup has created a stigma to a lot of people around the world because of the fear that they might discover that they are having an illness. Well let me tell you that you are wrong; this type of clinical service that is essential to determine if you are completely healthy or to determine that you are sick and need an immediate medical attention.

If you are diagnosed with an illness or a disease, it shouldn’t be feared, instead, you should face it courageously together with your family to come up with the best medication and treatment available in world today that is why it is important to have an annual or regular check-up for early detection and early prevention if God forbids you are not aware that you are suffering from a disease.

People make appointments to their doctors for different kinds of reasons. There are people seek doctor’s assistance if they are concerned with their overall health while others want to diagnose if they have this kind of disease because of the symptoms they carry while others visit their doctors more often or routinely to monitor their overall health especially to a person who is suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and other hereditary diseases that can’t be cured but can be completely controlled with proper medications and precautions.

Also, majority of companies worldwide require each of its employees to undergo an annual medical examinations to determine if they are physically fit for work or to detect if they are using illegal substances such as drugs while others have to seek prescription for their doctors specifically a person who is maintaining a medication while others visit their doctor regularly for prenatal checkup for women carrying a child.

So how often a person does needs to have a checkup? Before the medical industry requires a person to have an annual checkup but recent medical studies suggest that a person aged 18 and above until they reach 40-years old are not required to go to the doctor every year but instead they can visit a doctor every five years which is referred as the Periodic Health Assessments or Examinations (PHAE). They can opt to do it every three years depending on their needs and their urge to visit their doctor.

This is because most medical experts suggest that people ages 40 and below are generally healthy and free from diseases which are redundant for them to visit their doctors annually depending if they have a disease otherwise.

According to medical studies, majority of people in this age group are also avoiding to seek medical attention for the fact that they are afraid if they’ll be discovered with a disease which creates stress and anxiety that is why when they reach 40-years old and above, that’s the time when most of the symptoms of the disease comes out and sadly these symptoms are signs that the disease has developed which could have been detected and prevented if they visited their doctors in their younger years