Essential things to know about pregnancy

Pregnancy is one such thing which has many ways of looking at it. There are many myths and advices revolving around this. People have different kinds of topics and advices when they get to talk about pregnancy. Each one is different from the other. But one should not give ears to all those things and instead of that go and see a doctor. Only a proper doctor can guide you through this tenure and help you get a complication free delivery.

Apart from medical advices, one can also join classes which make you prepare for your pregnancy. Yes, there are pregnancy classes in Mumbai and other cities which specialise in making women confident enough to become pregnant and so they can deal through a hassle-free pregnancy.

There are many things or symptoms that can arise at any moment of your pregnancy. Some of them you are sure about it and some you are not sure about it. But if you face them, you should never neglect them. You can consult the doctor anytime. What can these symptoms be like? Know them well.

  • You can have pain in your middle or your upper tummy. This can add on with some vomiting and nausea syndromes. Now this can happen if you have a severe indigestion or food poisoning or a stomach bug. But if you are in your second trimester of your pregnancy, it can also indicate pre eclampsia, which can also need a very serious medical help.
  • If you have a pain in your lower belly, then it is nothing serious. This can happen due to the ligament stretch which is a common symptom in pregnancy and can happen any time. But rarely can it also be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy, premature labour or a fibroid which can break down and lead to bleeding. So, one always need medical advice for this.
  • Your body becomes a bit weak when you are pregnant. That is why; you may suffer from fever as well. You may easily catch a cold which can lead to these feverish symptoms. But if you have not caught a cold but is still feeling feverish and your temperature is high, then you should call your doctor straight away. This is because; high temperature can harm your baby.
  • When you are pregnant, having a swollen feet, eyes or hands is a very common symptom. But if it appears all of a sudden and the swelling is severe, then you may have a problem with your pregnancy. You need to see your doctor soon to know whether you have pre eclampsia or not.
  • If you have a severe headache, then also it can be a bit problematic. In fact, if you have it along with blurry visions and swollen eyes, then for sure. Do not take any medicine on your own. Consult a doctor.
  • You can also face vaginal bleeding. If it is a very minimal one like spotting a bit of blood in early pregnancy; then it is a common thing. But if it is a very heavy in, then you should ask your doctor as it can harm your baby. Heavy bleeding during late pregnancy can also lead to miscarriage and so it should be treated with care.

There are some best pregnancy classes in Mumbai which can help you to deal with this tenure and you can get prepared for it.