pregnancy pointers

The centre of attraction during pregnancy is on and would be mother, but there are reasons where their partners can get involved. They need to take an active role and there are some pregnancy pointers for soon to be dads as well.

Start from home

Both of you are going to be tired at the end of the day, but she is the one who is going to need more care and rest. Morning sickness, fatigue along with nausea are common symptoms during pregnancy. Do the household chores and prepare dinner as the list is endless.

Prenatal appointments

As a dad would not want to miss the first heartbeat of your baby or on an ultrasound hear the sound. With your wife as much as doctor appointments as possible so that you can ask questions. In hindsight you are well prepared on what to expect before arrival of your baby.

A changing body is to be appreciated

During pregnancy a lady is prone to lot of physical changes and this is not restricted to a baby hump. You are going to be self-conscious at this point. One of the pregnancy pointers for dads is that your opinion matters at the end of the day. Make her feel like a supermodel and she is the most beautiful women on this planet. This is all the more so when she is not feeling that much comfortable.

This attitude should be taken forward to the bedroom and let sex work. Do appreciate the changes in her body and ask her about the doctor appointments. Do consider her emotional and physical comfort in mind at the same time.

Food aversions is to be given up

Whether both of you are likely to refrain from alcohol, it is both up to you. A dietary change is to suggest that prevents her to rush to the loo at every moment. During pregnancy she is forced to aversions of smell and the slightest tinge of odour is going to make her stomach burn. A lot of hormonal changes are anticipated at this time.

Birth is indeed a big thing for someone who is keen to push the baby out, or being part of a surgery to deliver the baby. It is indeed nervous and it is suggested that you can need the support of someone to go through this ordeal. You can seek the opinion of your partner in this regard.

You can do prepare a list of things that would help your partner to come up with contraction. It is suggested that she is going to change her mind at the last stage but she is going to give attention to the fact that you are taking care of her.

Just considering the fact that the baby is not inside you does not indicate that you would need to take a back step. It is suggested that you do take an active role in the partner’s pregnancy and start your life as a parent.