If you are thinking of a second baby, then you need to plan that well. There must be enough gap between the two children and if that age gap is four to five years then that is considered ideal. While you plan the baby, you can ask the doctors about e perfect age gap between siblings and the doctors will get you the right guidance. If the gap is too less, then it will be difficult for you to manage two children at the same time. If the age gap is more then again that will be an issue. This is the reason you need to plan the second pregnancy in the right manner.

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While you are thinking about the second pregnancy you can also go for the cord blood baking concept. Cord blood is blood that stays in the umbilical cord and placenta after the delivery. There is also maternal–fetal transfer of cells so that the immune system is boosted, both for the baby and mother. As the immune system is boosted, the baby and mother both can get ready for the delivery. The cord blood at the time of the delivery becomes a good and rich source of the stem cells and some other cells related to the immune system.

As cord blood is associated with the cord blood banking and it is also a term that is used for the different cells those are saved. In many of the developed countries, the cord blood banking is popularly known as stem cell banking. As banking cord blood collects more cells and the blood cells cannot do the same on their own, this term can be more apt. In the previous times the umbilical cord and its blood were believed to be a waste but today the things have changed a lot.

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There must be the right gap between your tow children. You need to think about the right

 age gap between siblings.  Four to five years is the ideal age gap between two children. You need to have the right gap so that you will be able to manage two children at the same time. Just have the right gap and your motherhood will be enjoyable in the real sense.

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Now a day the parents store the baby’s umbilical cord blood as the stem cells it has is used well. This is good news for all the expectant parents that this is a very simple and easy process and the blood can be easily collected at the time of delivery. There will not be any issue to the baby or mother.  Pregnancy is indeed the perfect time to collect and save the cord blood of the baby. This is the way one can save the cells and make use of the same in future.