It is okay to take supplements to improve your minerals intake but you could also have mineral-rich teas which would serve the same purpose while nourishing you. Some organic teas enriched with 100% natural vitamins and minerals have been used for so many years due to their health benefits and their tasty nourishing effect.  The mineral-rich kind of teas helps keep the body healthy while giving your body the right nutrients required for vital body functions.

Some of the Vitamins and minerals in tea, you will only get if you consume these teas are calcium, Silica,chromium, magnesium,

Oat Straw Tea

It is one of few teas with calcium as its core mineral. It is one of the mineral-rich teas with the highest content of calcium. Some herbalist claims that taking one cup of oat straw tea would provide you with 300mg of calcium. Since it’s not advisable to add sugar on herbal teas, adding some honey to your cup of Oat Straw Tea adds taste to its grassy flavor.

Horsetail Tea

This kind of tea is best known for its high contents of silica. We all should know that collagen production in our bodies requires silica mineral. For healthy skin and nails, you should consider taking some horsetail tea more often. Silica is also good in bones and joints healthy.

Red Clover Tea

Red clover tea is one of the best Organic teas enriched with 100% natural vitamins and minerals. It contains more than one mineral which includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, and chromium.  All these in one tea make it a really nourishing option to drink. Being the tea with the most nutrients, it has another important component known asisoflavone which is an anti-aging component. Isoflavone is a plant compound similar to the estrogen which is known to decrease the menopause signs, reduce heat stress, hot flashes and prevent wearing of bones.

Alfalfa Tea

When you hear about alfalfa tea what comes into your mind? Probably a salad, Yes a salad because alfalfa sprouts are commonly used as toppings in salads. However, sprouts are not the sole ways to extract the benefits of alfalfa. The plant is used to make tea and trust me the alfalfa tea has minerals and vitamins.  If you want to consume both Vitamins and minerals in tea, then go for alfalfa tea because you will get vitamin A, B, E, D and K. its more nutritious that red meat and vegetables.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

This tea is one of the Organic teas enriched with 100% natural vitamins and minerals. It contains traces of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. Due to its mineral-rich nature, it’s highly recommended for pregnant mothers at the third trisem. If you fear harsh labor pains and you would want to have healthy minerals during pregnancy then you should consider consuming this kind of tea. Your labor will be much smoother if you do. Thank me later.

Nettle Tea

Nettle commonly known as stinging nettle is a plant that can really make you cry if you touch it. It has very tiny prickles that give a painful sting when touches. Despite the fact that nettle cause pain it has the other side of it, which is its health benefits. It is actually very high in iron contents and vitamin C that helps in iron uptake in the body. Nettle tea helps treat anemia by raising the levels of iron in the body