There are lots of women who like to have alcohol on a daily basis. But when one is pregnant then the question arises that whether alcohol is safe for the unborn baby or not. Some women are in no mood to give up this habit and they often think that drinking alcohol in little quantity will not affect their baby in any manner. Here you will get a genuine idea that whether alcohol should be consumed during pregnancy or not. So, stay tuned as the best information is about to be shared.

Whether alcohol is safe during pregnancy or not?

Alcohol during the tenure of pregnancy actually means that it is being consumed in the period of gestation. There may be many women who don’t have an idea that they are currently pregnant but they will eventually come to know about the situation later on. So, the time before the awareness happens, is also included in the gestation period. Whether it is early pregnancy or sometime has passed, drinking alcohol is not considered to be safe at any time during the pregnancy. The amount of alcohol also doesn’t matter. Even if one is taking little amount of alcohol then also it is harmful for the baby. Thus, Alcohol and pregnancy don’t go hand in hand.

It is clearly proven by various research studies that be it any trimester of pregnancy, women should completely avoid opting for alcohol. So, when you are a regular drinker and have recently discovered that you are pregnant then alcohol should be completely skipped. Even if you are planning to have baby then also make it a habit to leave the alcohol beforehand. It will definitely help in having a safe pregnancy and a healthy child.

The problems that the baby might face due to alcohol consumption

A child whose mother used to have alcohol while being pregnant can face the condition named as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The baby can have an abnormal appearance, very little body weight; small height, vision and hearing related problems, behavioral issues, affected level of intelligence, overall poor coordination, tiny head size etc. There are other risks as well like stillbirth, having a premature delivery, abortion etc.

Thus, it is clearly highlighted in the above mentioned paragraph that alcohol is not suitable during pregnancy. It is not necessary that all infants whose mothers used to consume alcohol will have defects in their bodies but the chances of ill health are always there.

Genuine advice

If you regularly drink alcohol and are unable to manage without it then you should definitely consult a doctor. The doctor will really guide you that how you can leave this habit and ultimately it is for the betterment of your health and the health of the baby. Doctors encounter a lot of cases on a daily basis where they deal with alcoholic pregnant women. They have a lot of experience in handling such cases and monitoring the pregnancy at each stage. So, if you are positive in your head then there is nothing to be worried of. You can surely leave this habit and when you will learn to avoid Alcohol in early pregnancy then things will become absolutely easygoing.

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