First Aid Courses for Workplace

Accidents happen to all of us and it is important to know what to do when someone is hurt.  Whether you are at home, work or in the community, you should be prepared to help anyone who may need first aid.

With the recent changes in health and safety law it is now a legal requirement to have a specific number of first aiders on site at any given time. The training provided by our courses ensures that employees are able to deal with any accidents or incidents in the workplace, including those where an employee may be injured or taken ill.

Having trained first aiders available at work is important as they will ensure that the person who has been injured receives quick and effective treatment. This will not only help potential save their lives, but also ensure that they get back to work as soon as possible.

There are many different types of first aid courses available and each one will differ depending on which industry you work in. First Aid training will teach you how to assess a situation, safely manage an incident and give effective treatment.

There are several reasons why taking these courses is important to operate within a workplace.

The first reason is being prepared for any situation that may occur in the workplace. A person never knows when someone may need first aid assistance, even if it happens to be an employee or visitor. It could happen as simple as a paper cut or as bad as a major accident. By taking these courses, you will know what to do if something occurs, which is better than standing there and doing nothing.

Second, it will help the employee know when they should seek medical attention or when they can treat the problem with first aid alone. There have been many cases where people have made the problem worse by trying to fix it without proper training. It will also help them understand when they need to call 911 and what they need to tell them once they arrive at the scene of an accident.

Third, it will help keep everyone calm until medical assistance arrives on the scene. There are times when accidents happen and people tend to panic and not know what to do next.

Addressing these injuries quickly and appropriately can minimize the severity of an injury and even help save a life.

First aid courses can teach you how to:

  • Control bleeding
  • Treat burns
  • Administer CPR
  • Respond to emergency situations such as allergic reactions or choking
  • Help prevent infection

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