Adult Orthodontia

Smiling takes confidence. When we are self-conscious about the appearance of our teeth, we might find ourselves trying to smile behind closed lips–or worse, covering up our smile. The good news is that we live in an age of advanced orthodontic techniques — techniques that can not only transform your look, but also bring you the confidence to smile with ease.

Get Started

If you are looking to begin your journey with adult orthodontia, make sure to do your research! When choosing a Broomfield orthodontist, it’s important to find someone who has the skills and compassion to provide you with excellent treatment. A good practice is to schedule a consultation with your new provider. At the appointment, the orthodontist will talk with you about your needs and goals, and from there, you will create a treatment plan together that suits your needs.

Follow the Plan

Once you and your orthodontist have established a course of treatment, you’ll only have to do one thing: follow the plan. Keep your teeth and braces clean, attend your checkup and adjustment appointments, and follow any individual instructions you might receive. Sometimes, an orthodontist may want to discuss changing the plan at some point during treatment — this is a normal part of the process and not something to worry about. It’s all about getting you the best possible care.

Smile, Smile, Smile

When you’re under the care of a good orthodontist, you’ll know it. You will find yourself beginning to smile more easily, and with the confidence you’ve always imagined. While adult orthodontia takes time, the results can be life-changing. Whether you have crooked teeth, your bite needs fine-tuning or you simply want to improve the general appearance of your smile, taking the first step toward getting the orthodontic treatment you desire can feel like a victory all on its own.