Drug Affects

Every year, we see how drug use increases, despite the amount of information we have. New profiles of drug users and new illegal substances on the market come into play, but a common point that does not go out of style is the addiction that begins to control your life and gradually destroys it. Amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA, do they sound familiar? According to the latest European Report on Drugs, these substances are, along with cocaine, the drugs whose consumption is experiencing the greatest boom, such that they are already called the drugs of the 21st century. Nevertheless, like all illegal substances, their abuse leads to a series of health, social, work, and family problems.

The Primary Effects

These are the main effects of drug use:

Drug use destroys your health – Long-term use leads to chronic and acute health problems. These are aggravated depending on the way in which it is consumed (the route of administration of the drug brings serious additional problems).

Cardiovascular diseases – Assuming that most drugs alter the normal functioning of the heart, it is not difficult to understand that hypertension or even heart attacks can be a direct consequence of addiction.

 Immune system problems – It is common for dependents on drugs to see their immune systems weakened, making them more susceptible to diseases and infections. In this way, it is very likely that addicted people suffer from respiratory diseases, suffer from pneumonia, or be infected by conditions on a continuous basis.

 Mental health problems – It is important to note that health is not only physical ailments or ailments. The use of narcotic substances also causes mental health problems. On repeated occasions, those who abuse narcotics suffer from mood swings, anxiety, sleep disturbances, or depression.

Loss of Control – We should not forget that prolonged use often leads to a serious addiction whose direct consequence is the loss of control of your life, nor that the withdrawal syndrome also has catastrophic side effects.

Effect 2

Drug use destroys your social life. Drug addiction creates an obstacle in people’s social life. It is true, that especially the youngest, enter the world of drugs trying to “be part” of a group. It sounds bad, and it turns out worse: belonging or not feeling excluded are some main reasons adolescents start using. However, the truth is that the spiral is closing little by little, marginalizing those who suffer from addiction. Added to this, are the communicative and cognitive difficulties that dependents often have. The result is immediate: a distancing from everyone who used to be part of “his team”. For that reason, drugs are a vicious circle. You consume not to be alone, and you end up more alone than you were at the beginning.

Effect 3

With drugs, you say goodbye to family, goodbye to work, and your dreams. Living with a person who suffers from an addiction is very complex. Sometimes, the only thought that a drug addict has during his day is: “Let’s see when I’m done, so I can use.” In the workplace, this translates to a lack of motivation or the absence of goals. This causes rejection by managers and colleagues who strive every day to improve. The repudiation can quickly turn into dismissal, which directly leads to a distancing from the family. How did we get to this point?


It is not easy for the drug addict to watch his world fall apart. Contemplate how everything I had built has been diluted with each shot. Being without friends, without a social life is serious, but losing the support of family and work becomes momentous. Drug addiction affects all areas of the person. Therefore, find a rehab center that treats dependency from many points of view, avoiding not only relapse, but also repeating the behavior patterns that led the person to a rehabilitation consultation.

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