We all need to keep ourselves fit in terms of our physical and mental health. Good diets, nutrition, exercising, prevention of diseases or accidents and apt treatment are a must to enjoy good health. Unfortunately, all are not so lucky to taste healthy food and benefit from the knowledgeable doctors, health clinics and top class hospitals because of the shortage of money. That’s where almost all the state authorities consider it their foremost duty to help the needy guys by providing them health insurance cover. The concerned departments provide health insurance cards that are considered as the permit for good health as they allow you to utilise the facilities.

EHIC – Let us understand what an EHIC application stands for. EHIC means the European Health Insurance Card for which you have to move an application to own the same. Truly speaking, this card facilitates you to enjoy the healthcare facilities in the states that are attached to the European Union meant for availing such benefits. Those travelling to these states are benefited by way of medical treatments during their stay in those nations. Thus the holders of such cards are at a great benefit as they are able to make use of the available facilities concerning their health in case it is harmed due to sickness or accident etc. Reduced rates or free of cost facilities are the exclusive benefits of owning the cards for which you need to move EHIC application for processing at the concerned office.

Application and renewal – Now that you understand the extraordinary benefits of owning health insurance cards why not move an application for the same. You can do so in three ways, i.e. through a post office, telephone or the internet. Those falling within the close proximity of post offices may approach the nearest one and ask for the EHIC form. The concerned official would be pleased to fill up the same on your behalf or else you can do so. The post office check & send service may take a period of about twenty-one days for processing the application for your ease, convenience and reassurance. A certain amount of fee is applicable for making applications through a post office. The other feasible mode of moving the application is a telephone that also allows you to apply for the European Health Insurance Card or the one available in other states. It may take approx ten days for processing the application. The Internet is also quite popular these days as regards application for the health insurance cards. It takes about one week or ten days for the website to process the application that can be moved through the application review and forwarding service. It helps in eliminating the errors including spellings, address abnormalities and other mistakes like age etc. Some sort of processing fees meant for operational and administrative expenses is charged.

Health insurance cards are beneficial for the owners as they are able to avail the healthcare facilities when visiting the concerned states. Moving an EHIC application is the need that you have to fulfil. So why not avail the facilities and enjoy good health.