It is not always necessary to hit the gym to get a healthy life. If we are careful about our lifestyle, then it is very easy to stay fit. Ethan’s blog can help you get healthy. Today we are going to look at some vital points to keep your body fit.

Do it for the right reasons

The main difference between people who take care of themselves regularly and those who leave after two days is their motivation. Why they do it. The first group has a commitment for life, while the second group is temporary.

To be successful, the next time you sign up for the gym or start eating healthy, do it for these


    It has a positive impact on ALL other facets of your life. You will feel better with yourself, you will have more energy, you will be kinder to the people around you and increase your productivity at work.

    Increase your life expectancy You will have 4-5 more years to enjoy your family and your friends, travel the world and read good books.

    It is your duty. The universe has given you a body so that you can interact with the world, and it is your duty to take good care of it and develop it as much as possible.

 Combine diet and exercise

I’ll be honest: to lose weight and be in shape you do not need to exercise.

Eat fewer calories than you consume and lose weight, even if what you eat is junk. There are no more secrets. However, keep in mind that being thin does not mean being healthy. If you only eat 3 donuts a day, you will lose weight, but you may die young.

I would like everyone to be healthy, because I think the world would be a better place. In addition to being surrounded by girls with hard asses and guys with six-packs, we would be happier, we would live more years and the government would spend less on health.

To get really fit (and lose weight at the same time), you must follow a balanced diet AND exercise. If you eat well but do not exercise, you will be thin but weak; If you exercise but eat garbage, you will be strong but sick. Only by combining both will you get all the benefits.

What is a balanced diet? Each person and each culture have a different opinion, and I will not be the one to tell you how you must eat. My recommendation is very simple: eat more good things (fruits, vegetables …) and less bad things (alcohol, sugar, refined flours …). Go to Ethan’s blog for diet tips.Exercise
If you want to keep your body ready, you have to do three types of exercise regularly:

Aerobic (running, tennis, soccer …)

    Flexibility (yoga, stretching …)

    Strength (weights)

Spotlight on what is imperative

  • There are logical examinations that demonstrate that drinking green tea quickens the loss of fat.
  • Eating a grapefruit on a vacant stomach builds your digestion amid whatever is left of the day.
  • To shed pounds, it is best to keep running at 60% of your oxygen-consuming


In the realm of nourishment and exercise, you will discover a great many tips like these. I don’t know whether they will be valid or not, but rather I couldn’t care less, because the effect they will have on the outcomes you get is MINIMUM. Rather than dawdling on insignificant points of interest, I suggest that you center around WHAT TRULY MATTERS:

  • Sustaining
  • Maintain a strategic distance from liquor and tobacco
  • Maintain a strategic distance from handled nourishments (sugar, basic starches, trans fats …)
  • Eat normal nourishments (natural products, vegetables …)
  • Exercise
  • Do brandish 4-5 times each week

Continuously keep a movement: ensure that every day you lift more weight, run increasingly or practice for a more drawn out time