The male sexual organ serves as an important source of confidence for most men. For a man with a smaller penis, being confident in bed is a big issue. They are mostly concerned about what their partner might think about their penis, and as a result end up underperforming. There have been reports about men suffering from serious depression, simply because they had an undersized sexual organ. Despite all of the research and studies, scientists have been unable to find the exact reason why some people have a dramatically undersized penis. In general, it all comes down to genes.

However, if you have a small penis, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to improve its appearance. Rather than try out all those fake pills and gimmicks that are available online, you should go to a certified clinic for an assessment first. There are plenty of cosmetic surgery centres that have now begun to offer penis enlargement surgeries. When gauging the size of their penis, most men only think about the length.

According to academic research from different centres, a very large majority of partners state that the girth of the penis plays a very important role in their satisfaction. According to estimates, up to 90% of women prefer partners who have a greater girth. That’s primarily because more sexual pleasure is derived from a penis with a larger girth, as opposed to a smaller one. The key to a healthy and loving relationship is to be sexually satisfied. If you aren’t, it’s unlikely that your relationship will survive. Going for an enlargement surgery will not only boost your confidence, but will also bring back the charm in your relationship and make sex so much pleasurable for both of you.You should seriously opt for penis enlargement if you have issues with sexual performance in bed.

How It Works

When you first go to a doctor for an assessment, the surgeon will carefully analyse the penis and run some tests to determine any pre-existing medical conditions, etc. Afterwards, the surgeon will highlight the points where the fillers will be injected. In order to increase the girth of the penis, derma fillers are most commonly used. These are safe to use and usually remain within the body for up to a year. After the period has passed, you will need to schedule an appointment and go for an enlargement procedure again.

Why Go for an Enlargement Procedure?

Contrary to popular opinion, enlargement procedures aren’t complicated at all. The surgeon will highlight all of the key points of the procedure beforehand, so that you know what will happen and how you have to care for the penis afterwards. Then, the surgeon will proceed by injecting the fillers. The whole process will be completed within an hour, or less, and you’ll be walking back home, albeit with a little bit of discomfort. The fillers will take a bit of time to settle in, so you will have to avoid sexual activity for a week or so, as prescribed by the surgeon, in order to ensure that the fillers do their job properly.