Being one of the countries with highly qualified doctors and medical professionals, India tops the list of places for foreigners for their medical treatment. Indeed, medial tourism industry in India is projected to grow to $7bilion from its current level of $3 billion. The reason for this is the extremely low cost for medical treatment that amounts to one tenth of that in the United States.

Growth in Indian medical tourism

One can see the growth in the Indian Medical Tourism by the number of patients that is in the 145,670 – 234,560 range per year. Of the foreign patients, the bulk of them, that is 34% are Bangladeshis and Afghans. The other major chunk of the tourists came from Russia and CIS, which was 30%. Others were from the Middle East and Africa, though a few were from Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Biggest and the best network

Another potential factor that accounts for such success of the medical industry in India is the huge number of hospitals available in the metros. The Apollo Hospitals Delhi ranks among the top 15 hospitals in India. The Apollo Hospital network of integrated healthcare spans over 9 countries and includes 64 hospitals and 2200 pharmacies. They have a Research Foundation that focuses on global clinical trials and genetic research among other things.

Different possible treatment

The group pioneered highly specialized centres for Orthopaedics, Cancer, Cardiac studies, organ transplantation, Neurosciences, and more. This led to JCI, an accreditation of international quality in the field of medicine. Among its many treatments, we have the following:

  1. Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery: MICS CABG revolutionises the entire coronary surgery operation. Specialists do this for their local and international patients and achieve phenomenal success.
  2. Oral and Maxillofacial surgery: You can get the latest treatment for the face, jaw, and mouth at the Centre for Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. This includes cure for diseases affecting these parts.
  3. Hand microsurgery: You get the best treatment for all your hand injuries from the Apollo Hospitals. They have dedicated specialists ready to deal with all contingencies. They perform highly intricate surgeries, many of which they do with the help of a microscope.
  4. Hip Arthroscopy: In this the surgeon uses instruments that are very small. He views the joint through a video camera and then performs the surgery. The most need for treatment is that of femoroacetabular impingement and related ailments.
  5. The Ideal Knee: This is an implant device to correct problems with the knee. In this surgical method, the patient will feel less pain. His or her recovery is fast. The knee will feel like a natural knee and make the patient comfortable.
  6. Surgery for Parkinson’s disease: In Parkinson’s disease, the voluntary movements of the person is affected. This disease affects the nervous system which then gradually deteriorates. The signs of the disease begin from one side of the body for every affected person.

The Apollo Hospitals have a strong sense of social commitment. One can see this in the initiatives such as SACHi (Save a Child’s Heart Initiative) and SAHI (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired) both of them aimed at the underprivileged segments of society. The CURE Foundation is for cancer patients and their rehabilitation.