Dental Implants

As much as there has been increased awareness of dental care, it is a shock that individuals are still suffering from tooth loss. Various things may make a person lose their teeth. Good examples are tooth decay and accidents. In the past, people used to consider treatments such as dentures when they encountered tooth loss. However, this has changed currently due to the introduction of dental implants.

When going for dental implants, such as dental implants in Gainesville, you will encounter different treatments from those experienced in getting bridges and dentures. The main agenda of the implants is to do a replacement of the tooth roots. As a result, they offer a firm foundation to protect your jawbones, just like natural teeth.

The Success of Dental Implants

To determine how successful the dental implants are, you will have to look at several things since the rates will vary. First, you will have to consider the area where the implant has been placed in an individual’s jaw. However, it is true to note that they can up to 97% succeed, and in most cases, when you maintain proper dental care through hygiene, they can last forever.

Who Can Obtain Dental Implants?

To qualify to get a dental implant, you must ensure that

  • You are in a healthy position to undergo normal oral surgery for tooth extractions.
  • In addition, your gyms should be healthy, and you must have strong bones that will be able to hold the implant firmly.
  • The other thing is, patients must maintain good oral hygiene practices and schedule regular visits to their dentists for checkups.
  • Those who smoke heavily or have significant conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure or have undergone various types of head radiation must be examined on a personal basis.

Therefore, before going for a dental implant, be sure to consult your dentist to be sure that it is the appropriate decision.

Whether Or Not Insurance Will Cover for Dental Implants

In most cases, insurance does not cover dental implants. However, their medical insurance can cover them depending on what they cover for specifically. However, it would help if you did not hesitate to consult your dentists on the individual needs concerning your insurance cover. You will be better positioned to understand whether your medical insurance will cater to the dental implant when you do this.

The Process of Getting a Dental Implant

There are several steps incorporated into the procedure for those who may be wondering what process is involved in getting an implant. First and foremost, your dentist will create an individual plan of treatment that you will undertake. The plan will be detailed enough to include the needs you may have.

This particular plan is usually prepared by experts who have trained adequately in the medical field and, specifically, oral surgery. The team will be sure to apply its expertise to provide maximum care when making the appropriate implant for you. The implant’s root is usually made of titanium, and the experts will fit it in the place where the tooth is missing. When the healing process of the jawbone takes place, the jawbone will attach firmly to the implanted tooth. The healing does not take long and may go up to twelve weeks.

Before selecting an implant, the dentist will assess your teeth to create something that blends with your natural teeth. After the implant has been fixed to the jaw bone, the experts also incorporate a connector, commonly known as an abutment, to firmly hold the implant. After that, the next process is to fix a crown on the abutment. The dentist will be careful enough to ensure that the color of the implanted tooth is similar to that of natural teeth.