Whitening Treatment

If you feel your tooth color is starting to change and notice new stains on your teeth recently, maybe it’s time to experience teeth whitening treatment. A discolored and stained smile can make you significantly uncomfortable, especially when you hang out with others and feel ashamed while talking or laughing. Based on a professional dentist offering affordable teeth whitening services in Vaughan, tooth discoloration is normal and can be caused due to variety of reasons. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry successfully provides different types of effective teeth whitening treatments for those tired of having discolored smiles. A professional teeth whitening treatment can help you remove the superficial stains that naturally have accumulated on the front surface of your teeth over time. An experienced cosmetic dentist can restore your smile so you can feel satisfied and confident once again. If you still don’t know whether professional teeth whitening treatment benefits you, here we list some facts that might change your mind.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is More Durable Than At-home Whitening Products.

Many people refuse to have professional teeth whitening treatment as they prefer to use store-bought whiteners. Although these products are effective and can give you what you demand, the results aren’t that durable. Compared to these at-home whitening kits, a professional whitening treatment can last longer, and you can enjoy the results even for three years with standard oral hygiene.

You Can Be Sure about the Safety of the Teeth Whitening Procedure.

Many people imagine professional teeth whitening treatment can damage their teeth which is a misconception. You don’t need to worry about procedure safety if your cosmetic dentist is experienced and expert enough. They know how to follow strict guidelines to administer professional teeth whitening treatment with the lowest risk possible.

Your Teeth Are Similar to Your Skin.

Although you may find the surface of your teeth completely shiny and smooth, the fact is that they have thousands of microscopic pores, just like your skin. Teeth whitening treatment allows the brightening agents to lift the stains from your teeth surface effortlessly.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Significantly Effective.

Compared to store-bought whitening kits, cosmetic teeth whitening treatment is much quicker, better and more effective. The high efficiency of professional teeth whitening treatment is because of the high rate of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening agents.

A Dental Cleaning Can Make the Results More Pleasant.

Your cosmetic dentist needs to evaluate your oral condition and perform a professional dental examination before teeth whitening treatment. The plaque buildup on your teeth will disturb the whitening process, which is why a dental cleaning is recommended to enhance the teeth whitening results. Generally, most cosmetic dentists perform oral cleaning before teeth whitening treatment to give you a shinier, beautiful smile.

Dental Sensitivity Is Expected after the Teeth Whitening Treatment.

Many patients experience tooth sensitivity after undergoing a professional teeth whitening treatment which is normal. Your teeth become sensitive a few days following the procedure, and you need to watch your diet and avoid too cold or hot meals to protect your smile. Also, you can ask your cosmetic dentist to prescribe pain medication to lessen the effects.

A beautiful white smile is what you deserve, so don’t hesitate and make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist right away!