Alcohol addiction severely affects the life of more than 76 million people worldwide. It means a huge percentage of people spoil their health, family and social life by being alcohol dependant. The chief reason why so many people are dependent on it is its availability on public places. Social Rehabilitation programs teach the alcohol addict the ways to cope with such situations and deal with relapse triggers. This is the most successful way to bring drastic change in the social recoveries each year. These addiction treatment programs have revealed miraculous changes in psychology and neurological symptoms.

 What addicts must do?

After addicts have attended the rehabilitation programs, they are supposed to make many lifestyle changes which basically require lots of sacrifice, hard work and patience. This even includes tremendous scale of compromise in the society which they once led. Alcohol is a kind of drug that is easily available in the society. To come out of this heinous habit and surrounding, and to survive in the society with respect, alcoholics should go through the following ways-

  • Addicts should attend Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs-

These programs are for those who have strong dependency on alcohol. Such patients are supposed to live under strict guidance within clinic for 2-3 months. They are provided rigorous therapies of more than 50 hours each week. Such programs are highly effective and bring long lasting changes in the behavior. When such patients are placed in isolation supported by treatments, it makes them out of touch of people consuming alcohol.

  • Shun the drinking Society:

We all know that alcohol when consumed in restricted amount is considered medicine however its excessive amount makes the life of addict and its family members hell. Despite this fact it is legally and socially accepted in surplus amount at family gatherings, friendly outings and social get together. Though most people maintain their limit but on the same place alcoholics fail to maintain. It is advisable that recovering addicts decline such invitations and find new friends who stay miles away from alcohol.

  • Alcohol and work environment:

Alcohol has become part of most of the working environment. People fail to enjoy any occasion without it. In fact business people consume more alcohol while networking with partners and social clients or during the process of recruiting. However those who want to stay safe know their limit and fulfill their responsibilities well.

  • The most painful part- Cutting the alcoholic friends

To stay away from addiction triggers, one should stay away from people who drink excessively and uncontrollably. Cutting ties with any such friends is the deadest part of the rehabilitation programs. The best part of such rehabilitation programs is that they assist such addicts joining new group of friends and repairing old circles.

  • Avoiding or coping strategies:

It may be easy for drug addicts to avoid narcotics, heroin, cocaine etc but since alcohol is easily available and widely used. Hence it is suggested that alcoholics should plan strategies to control such temptations whenever they are trapped in such situations.

Undoubtedly, leaving alcohol is an extremely difficult task to accomplish but the rehabilitation programs guide the addicts to overcome such thoughts and emotions by designing splendid strategies that provoke them to drink. When these addicts are armed with such information, they themselves develop personalized methods to manage their alcohol cravings.