Going to a spa for a massage is an indulgence that only a few people allow themselves but it has many benefits. Getting a massage is not only a great way to loosen tight muscles and reduce stress but it also has many other medical benefits, including those mentioned below.

Improves Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation has many consequences including cold hands and feet, fatigue, and extremities that do not function properly. However, the pressure applied during massages helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, which improves bodily functions and increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

The firm squeezing and pulling motions made by a massage therapist also help to flush lactic acid from muscles and improves lymphatic circulation that can result in lowering blood pressure.

Boosts Immune System

Many people who have regular massages are often sick less than their counterparts who don’t indulge in massages. This benefit is a result of better blood flow and an increase in the number of white blood cells in their bodies. White blood cells help to fight infection and Swedish massage techniques were shown in studies to boost the immune system so people can fight off infections better.

Reduces Back Pain

One of the most common complaints when people visit a doctor is regarding lower back pain. Whether due to an injury or overwork, many people suffer from this problem but massage therapy can help reduce chronic back pain.

A study published in Pain Medicine showed that when participants who complained of chronic back pain were given 10 massage sessions, about 50% experienced significant pain reduction. Also, of those participants, 75% of them still benefitted from their results up to 24 weeks later. Massage therapy can be a drug-free way to get sustained relief for your back pain.

Improves Flexibility

As people age, their joints often become stiff, which makes it difficult to move about and can cause instability as they try to walk. Fortunately with a regular massage in Perth, older people’s joints will become looser and more flexible, which provides better freedom of movement and better stability when they are on their feet. People with instability problems are more apt to fall and injure themselves, such as breaking bones, but they can avoid those types of injuries with massage therapy.

Improves Sleep

Your body needs to rest so that it can heal itself, provide stress relief, and allow your mind to relax. However, if you don’t sleep well at night, then your body may not be able to enter the sleep stage that provides for beneficial rest and relaxation.

Fortunately, along with its other benefits, massage therapy can help reduce sleep disturbances so people can sleep more soundly and benefit from it.