At the current time, the beauty industry is growing as more and more people are looking for information and advice on how to improve their appearance. Although there are different operations and techniques that can be used to achieve this goal, a comprehensive treatment of hardening. Due to tightening treatment has been shown to eliminate the signs of aging like wrinkles, think of it as a practical solution to the problem of skin with a lot of people. By learning more about skin tightening treatments and the lasting effects they can have on your face, you can make informed decisions about whether this treatment is right for you.

Tightening Treatment-A short review

Although extensive, essentially tightening treatment is nonsurgical and surgical treatments are used to reduce the signs of wrinkles and other skin problems that causes the skin to sag or lose rigidity. There are several different treatments for skin stretching available, such as pulsed light and RF devices. Skin tightening torque is also known as the network and / or hardening noninvasive. Skin tightening treatment works by using a device that delivers energy deep into the skin, which then generates collagen remodeling. Collagen contraction and destruction transpires through biochemical pathways and mechanical work through the process of wound healing is controlled so that desired to load the tissue of the patient. Running great for skin tightening device must undergo proper cooling. Important because the energy delivered to the skin of the patient must be able to penetrate the skin and subcutaneous fat layer without damaging the topcoat.

Long-term effects of treatment tightening

Those who decide to have a facial tightening should be aware of that may require long-term effects of short-term. Types of individuals are likely to experience the effects depend on the type of care they receive from tightening.


Facelifts also known as rhytidectomy. These types of schemes operated by the use of general anesthesia, making the cut on the side of the patient’s face, and then stretching the skin for a firmer and tighter look. After that, cut and sew and remediate patients receiving treatment for the disease. Some short-term effects on the individual may experience as a result of rhytidectomy including drug allergy, inflammation, bleeding and scarring. In addition, patients may experience damage to the roots.

Two. Botox.

Botox treatment is a form of stretching that involves the use of chemicals that paralyze the muscles and blood vessels under the skin of the patient. This causes the skin to be soft and supple while reducing the visibility of facial wrinkles. Some short-term effects of treatment may include difficulty blinking and smiling. If managed properly, it can cause a drooping eyelid, double vision, and / or Botox facial bruising.

Some other long-term effects associated with treatment may include tightening fat necrosis and atrophy of scar tissue.