Unfortunately, we live in a world full of numerous hazards that can lead to severe and painful dental emergencies like knocked-out teeth. All of us can experience this condition when playing sports or riding a bike. Besides, this common dental emergency condition will commonly result from severe car accidents. Regardless of all situations in which you may experience knocked-out teeth, you need some essential points to help preserve your damaged teeth until you arrive at the nearest emergency dental center. As a professional dentist at Mount Pleasant in Vancouver explains, time is the most important factor in saving a knocked-out tooth; and if you do not hurry, you may lose your natural tooth. Therefore, please consider the tips provided in this article to preserve your knocked-out teeth.

All Essential Points to Preserve Avulsed Teeth

Many people who have experienced this severe dental problem believe there’s no way to save their teeth. At the same time, with correct preventative measures, you can enable your experienced and dedicated healthcare providers to replant the injured teeth in their right sockets without difficulties. Therefore, we should follow the below guidelines to ensure the saving procedure is performing considerably:

-Believe it or not, being calm and relaxed is an essential point that can lead to making correct decisions in vital situations. Those who cannot control their anxiety not only cannot take the saving steps correctly but can also worsen the condition. Thus, please try to relax by breathing deeply.

-The knocked-out teeth should be rinsed and kept in a small container of water or milk. Please remember this essential point that handles the damaged teeth by their crowns because if you touch the roots, they can damage these sensitive sites.

-Professionally-trained dentists commonly ask their patients to reposition the knocked-out teeth in their right sockets if possible. So you should take the teeth from their chewing surface and push them into the affected sites. In such cases, you should try to keep the teeth on their sites by biting your teeth firmly until you reach the nearest dental emergency clinic.

-You should try seeing highly-skilled emergency dentists during the initial moments to increase the success rate of a re-implanting procedure. It is said that those knocked–out teeth brought to emergency dentists within 30 minutes will be properly re-implanted.

Why Time Is a Golden Factor to Save Knocked-out Teeth?

Generally, quick reactions are essential to help you save your natural tooth so that you don’t need to replace it with dental implants. Because the quicker you reach the emergency dentist’s office, the better chance you have of saving the teeth. But an essential point that should be mentioned is that if your knocked-out teeth stay out of your mouth for more than 60 minutes, it doesn’t mean preserving them are completely impossible.

Is It Possible to Save Baby Teeth that Are Knocked-out?

However, it is so scary to see your lovely kids experience knocked-out teeth; there’s no need to do instant care to re-implant them. Baby teeth are not permanent and will replace with strong and healthy teeth after a while. Therefore, you should do your best to stop bleeding and alleviate the pain.