You must have heard about the HIIT workout, which has become a trend in the fitness world. High-intensity interval training has reached greater heights in the past few years. It is a wide range of intensive training that focuses on improving your fitness.

What Is HIIT?

“Hard work and shorter breaks” is the essence of any HIIT workout. There are five variables in this training that can change the workout significantly. The first two important aspects are your work and rest durations.

For instance, if you workout for 40 seconds, you rest for only 20. With HIIT workouts, you need to push yourself harder compared to other workouts.

But why are many people not able to get the results they desire?

It is true that often people do not get the expected result from HIIT workout and blame the session. However, it is important to understand that plenty of things go into the training to make it effective.

So, how can you make the most of HIIT Workout?

Focus On A Single Goal

Without setting a goal, you can never get HIIT right. You need to ascertain what is the main purpose of the session. Whether you want to lose fat, increase power production or improve endurance make up your mind beforehand.

Choose The Right Kit

According to your goal, you need to pick the right workout essentials for your kit. You can ask your trainer to help you in this area if you are confused about the options.

Understand The Variables

As mentioned earlier, there are five variables. You need to learn about them and know what they do. Work duration, rest duration, work intensity, recovery intensity and volume are the five variables you need to learn about.

Select HIIT Protocol

Once you have a goal set in your mind, every other step will become easier for you. There are options like beginner, intermediate, and advanced level protocols. You need to pick one according to your pace.

Avoid HIIT Training At Certain Time

There are certain instances where you need to avoid training. If you are exhausted or stressed, HIIT is not the perfect workout to go for. If you are suffering from a health concern, you must avoid HIIT training to safeguard your health.

Choose The Best HIIT Exercise

One of the crucial decisions you need to make while doing HIIT is picking the ideal exercises. There are a bunch of effective HIIT exercises that experts recommend. According to your workout goal, you need to pick the right set of exercises for yourself.

All these things will help when you have the right mindset to start HIIT workouts. Taking expert help will support your entire journey.

The Bottom Line

HIIT workouts can only be proven worthy when you know how to perform them. With the guidance of a trained expert, you can steer your energy and time in the right direction. The above-mentioned were some of the essentials of getting HIIT right every time.