Implant Surgery

We all see that some extreme dental emergencies, accidents, and damages can have awful consequences for the teeth’ health and even lead to more teeth losses. Losing one or more teeth can be one of a person’s worst experiences. A lost tooth can disturb your everyday routine, diet, and habits, making you uncomfortable and immensely bothered over time. Luckily, nowadays, people with lost teeth can easily take advantage of dental implants as excellent replacements with the exact function of real teeth. An expert offering affordable dental implants in Vancouver claims this treatment significantly boosts your life and health and gives you a beautiful smile, enhancing your lost self-confidence.

But the procedure of having dental implants is considered one of the most complicated processes in cosmetic dentistry. You need oral surgery if you are a candidate for dental implants, which should be done with the highest professionalism. Your oral surgeon or implant dentist needs to be expert enough to prevent any disturbing factor that can make dental implant surgery a failed process. It barely happens, and you can be sure you will have a pleasant result if your implant dentist is reliable. However, we list the influential factors that can make the dental implants procedure a failure.

Your taken impressions are poor: your implant dentist is required to mold the impressions and shape of the intended tooth and send them to a laboratory to get done. It’s vital to have accurate impressions with the professional way of molding to prevent further problems. If the impressions aren’t precise enough, the dental implants won’t fit properly and cause many other issues and even dental infections. If you face problems because of poor impressions, you need to replace your dental implants immediately.

Your osseointegration fails: your implant dentist will insert titanium into the jawbone to link them together as a strong base that holds the crown part of dental implants. It’s critical to have a great link between a titanium implant and bone; however, sometimes this link doesn’t happen, making the implant loosens or even falls out. Your bone density and overall health are some of the most critical factors in dental implants procedure, so your implant dentist needs to analyze every single detail about it.

Misalignment of the dental implant: your implant dentist should be professional enough to position the implant in a way that it’s entirely surrounded by the bone. Sometimes the situation is not ideal for having dental implants, so in the end, your dental implant and the bone may end up misaligned. It leads to different dental emergencies, severe dental infections, and even receded gums.

Allergic reaction and body rejection: it’s a medical fact that whenever something foreign is put into your body, there is a possibility of rejection and other side effects because of the immune system. Dental implants and all other used materials may cause a localized reaction. A professional implant dentist always checks whether you are one of those allergic patients or not to prevent side effects. 

Remember, the chance of facing these problems is extremely low if you visit a trustable implant dentist, so you don’t need to be worried.