Brown spots can develop on and around your face as you age, but they can also appear with exposure to the sun. Depending on where they are located, these spots can make you appear older than you are, so many women try to conceal them with makeup. If you have brown spots, you can also reduce their appearance by using skin brightening or whitening serums.

Brighteners Versus Whiteners

If you’re trying to decide how to diminish brown spots on your skin, you will need to know the difference between skin brighteners and skin whiteners.

Skin Brighteners

Products used to brighten the skin target its surface layers to remove dead skin cells and melanin deposits and help it look brighter. The ingredients used in brighteners can also prevent dark spots from forming by preventing hyperpigmentation. This harmless skin condition is responsible for dark spots due to aging and those associated with acne.

Along with helping to break up melanin deposits on the skin, brighteners also help to lighten dull complexions caused by stress, exposure to the sun, caffeinated drinks, and lack of sleep. These dehydrate the skin and give it a dull appearance, but brighteners can help your skin look bright and fresh.

Skin Whiteners

The concept behind skin whiteners is very different than skin brighteners. Skin whiteners contain ingredients that bleach the skin to make it appear lighter. This is done by preventing the production of melanin, especially in the upper layers of the skin. One of the main ingredients in skin whiteners is hydroquinone, which is a chemical used to prevent melanin production.

Whiteners need to be used consistently to help lighten skin; otherwise, the dark spots will reappear. In addition to producing fresher-looking skin, skin whiteners can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. By freshening the appearance of the skin to make it look brighter and reducing the appearance of fine lines, skin whiteners can help you look younger as well.

Applying Whiteners

When using a whitening serum to improve the appearance of your skin, just use a small amount on dark spots and apply it one or two times a day. Brighteners can be used more liberally and applied on the entire face once or twice a day. Since brighteners may exfoliate skin and usually contain natural botanical ingredients, they are not as concentrated as the chemicals in skin whiteners, making them safer to use.

Skin whiteners are usually available at department store makeup counters or you can buy whitening serum online to save money. In addition, when buying it online, you can read more information about the ingredients it contains and its effectiveness. There are several brands of skin whiteners and brighteners online and doing some research can help you select the best one for your skin’s needs.

If age spots or a dull complexion is making you appear older than you are, you can help revitalise your skin with whitening serums to reduce the appearance of dark spots.