Weddings are very special occasions, and brides want to look even more special for their big day. However, health issues or sun burns can arise from tanning and you don’t want to look “tanroexic” on your special day.

To begin with, trust me you don’t want to overdo tanning. You don’t want to appear like an alien, or not like yourself on your big day. Overdoing your tan makes you appear like you’re trying too hard and can ultimately ruin your pictures. For all skin tones, from lightest to darkest, it’s recommended to go for just a glow for a wedding tan, or nothing more than a sunkissed look. And it’s always best to leave it in the hands of a professional. Gotham Glow offers the best professional service when it comes to bridal airbrush tanning. Wow your guests when you show up radiant, like you’ve been hitting the gym and eating right for weeks.

Airbrush tanning is becoming increasingly popular, owing to the fact that sun tanning now comes with its own fair share of danger. The ozone layer is thinning out fast. And cancer, skin burns and irritation are not worth putting yourself at risk to get a tan.

The invention of the tanning bed was touted to fix the tanning conundrum, but it never lived up to its expectation. Staying in a tanning bed still puts you at risk of getting cancer, not to mention it’s highly addictive and not in a good way. Lately we have witnessed a game changer in the introduction of Airbrush tanning with it’s ability to deliver natural results while nourishing the skin. Two things tanning beds are not capable of doing.

Airbrush tanning uses dihydroxyacetone or DHA as the active ingredient in most of the products and has been very effective to deliver safe and natural results. There are two ways to apply airbrush tanning, the first is a booth that requires you to stand still while it is applied automatically by a machine powered nozzle. The other way is a manual application by an expert using airbrush tools and sculpting techniques.

If you want to look fabulous on your wedding day or have a great tan without the sun, go for bridal airbrush tanning today.