Teeth Discolored

Smiling with pearly, white teeth significantly leads to high self-confidence. Undeniably, those who smile with beautiful teeth can affect people’s ideas about themselves. Believe it or not, even those who have white, bright teeth can have better relationships and dates. Now, the point to consider is that not all of us have bright, shiny teeth. Why? A sophisticated dentist applying top teeth whitening in Mississauga describes that there are many reasons leading to tooth discoloration, including the things we eat and drink, smoking, age, some disease, and finally, the drugs we consume. To explain in detail, we should mention that we often have colored foods and snacks, such as some fruits (strawberries, cherries, black cherries), and some drinks (tea, coffee, juices, red wine); we may smoke or drink alcoholic drinks; we may have to use some medicines due to some illnesses and disease that affect our tooth enamel. All of these stated things will change our white teeth to yellow ones.

What to Do? 

The good news is that many ways are changing your discolored teeth to a set of pearly, white teeth. In other words, you can have your dream smile again without feeling worried about the color of your teeth. In the following, we will explain some of these remedies.

Are Home Remedies Good? 

If you are looking for home remedies instead of visiting a cosmetic dentist to help you, we can suggest some ways.

Some dentists recommend baking soda for beautiful, white teeth. They sprinkle the white powder onto their damp toothbrush and then rub vigorously. Others suggest baking soda mixes with their own toothpaste.

Some dentists strongly advise against brushing your teeth with white powder. Baking soda actually makes teeth brighter and whiter the first time you brush them. At the same time, however, the powder damages the teeth in the long term.

Sodium bicarbonate, an essential component of baking soda, attacks tooth enamel and wears away some of this important protective layer every time you brush your teeth.

 The strong sanding with the white powder also roughens the tooth surface and thus enables dangerous deposits, which in turn promote dark discoloration and reverse the short-term tooth whitening.

  In addition, the teeth become more susceptible to tooth decay since pathogens and bacteria can settle more easily in the porous tooth surface.

 The sensible alternative to the uncontrollably aggressive sodium bicarbonate is professional tooth cleaning.

Teeth Whitening 

All mentioned ways can be helpful in changing your teeth color. But none of them are as safe as you may expect. Besides, they may not be able to make your teeth as white as you are looking for. When it comes to professional teeth whitening, a professional dentist does it for you. And then you can have a set of bright, white teeth that lasts for a long period of time. The method is safe and non-invasive and can be done in one session. So, it is highly suggested.