Oxymetholone is an anabolic steroid that is being used by the individuals since 60’s for the treatment of Anemia. This is a potent steroid basically known as Anadrol or Anadrol-50. This steroid was being misused and abused by the bodybuilders and athletes all over the world. The individuals must make a research about the benefits and side effects on intake of Oxymetholone for non-medical use.

Being misused and abused this steroid has also been banned by the anti-doping agency like other steroids. The individuals can buy this steroid on recommendation of a doctor with prescription. This steroid is meant for synthesis of the red blood cells. For beginners the dosage of a 50mg tablet is considered beneficial and can be split into dosage of 25mg strength. The intake of oxymetholone 75 injections may increase the risk of the side effects. Most of the individuals exceed the dosage up to 100mg in a day. The bodybuilders are recommended to make limited use of the Oxymetholone. Also, it must not be taken longer than six weeks, as its effects can be seen within the first four weeks.

Is Oxymetholone harmful for the human body??

The bodybuilders and the sports personalities are recommended to be aware of the counterfeited, ineffective and fake steroids available in the market today and get saved from buying those products. Several studies have been conducted on the Oxymetholone, so as to analyze its side effects on human body as well as on animals. Some of the side effects caused by the Oxymetholone are very uncommon, if compared with other steroids, as an individual is found suffering from sensorineural hearing.

Oxymetholone is androgenic in nature and can cause side effects irrespective of the dosage. This has an impact on the elevating blood pressure, decrease in the good-high density cholesterol or lipoprotein, increase in the bad-low density lipoprotein, which is essential for the protection of the cardiovascular system. The Oxymetholone is recommended in lower dosage, as it is toxic to the liver. The Oxymetholone is renowned for interacting with 75 different drugs; out of these drugs only seven are major in nature.

The side effects, contraindications to use, interactions overweighs its temporary benefits. The individuals looking for strength effects and muscle growth can consider steroid alternatives. The steroid alternatives are legal and safer to use, as compared to anabolic steroids. This is because they do not nearly cause severity of side effects like anabolic steroids.

Buying and consumption of the steroids without prescription is illegal. The individuals can get the oxymetholone 75 mg injections, tablets from domestic and international black marketers or underground suppliers. Some of these underground labs manufacturing these steroids market themselves as a pharmaceutical company. The individuals must be cautious while buying the Oxymetholone online, as they can never be sure of the steroids they are going to get. The individuals are recommended to make a research about the company from which they can purchase any anabolic steroid. The individuals are recommended to be aware of the results on receiving such products through postal services, etc.