Ideally, one wants the best results that they can muster without having to do much work. That is the law of nature. People choose the paths that give them the most results with the least amount of effort. So the idea that hard work always pays, hard work is superior to cheating is simply a way to make things seem difficult than what they actually are. Take for example athletes who have won various events in sports and then later tested to have been using drugs to enhance their performance. Sure they may seem like cheaters with using performance enhancing drugs but one has to understand a certain thing. One cannot simply take as much of the PED’s as they can and then simply hit 700 home runs and become Barry Bonds or take as much steroids and get a physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It simply is not possible and doesn’t work that way. Getting the stuff may be easy, one simply has to visit the site with a google search and you can easily acquire the PED’s but in order to get to the level of world class athletes in their field, one needs to put in the work so that success can be achieved. There is the easy way but it has to be reached through the hard way.

Being Dope

That being said, steroids are not the way out. In order to get to the level of Ben Johnson or Barry Bonds or have the physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger the hard work and the dedication has to be put in and then once you have established that foundation one can look into improving their performance in the world class level. One simply does not visit the site and then acquire the skills and talent like these athletes and hope to set world records. It may feel like cheating but there is difference between a teenager taking the drug and an athlete taking it.


Thus, in order to call something cheating, it has to be done without any regard to the actual work ethic of something else and in the case of PED’s there no instance where the actual work ethic is disregarded and made to look like something that should be ignored. As a matter of fact, PED’s make you work hard and allows you to push that much more.