The majority of people who ride bicycles do it for a number of different reasons. The simple art of bicycle riding itself, provides some great health benefits. Let’s take a look at why you too should be out there and pounding those pedals! Your body will thank you!

  • A boost in cardiovascular fitness
  • A boost in calories burned
  • A boost in all round physical strength
  • A boost in getting a great night’s sleep
  • A boost in balance and flexibility
  • A boost in stamina and endurance
  • A boost in feeling more vital

This is something for people of all ages, from children all the way up to most senior citizens, who can’t do things such as running.

For that peaceful state of mind

Bicycle riding is well known to be a proven stress reliever. It doesn’t matter if you are riding just for fun or commuting to work, you will get there feeling much more relaxed, energized and happier about yourself. Plus, just being out there on your bicycle is just good old fashioned fun and you will discover that the more time you spend cycling, the more difficult it is to take life seriously and why things such as a mens cycling jersey, has become a very popular gift nowadays. More and more people are now going for cycling holidays in the UK and all over Europe, and it really is a grand way to see and get a feel for a place.

Convenience – Thy Name is Bicycle!

Well, it’s just common sense isn’t it? The convenience you’ll discover when riding a bike is so easy to understand after only a day or two. Parking spaces are easy to find wherever you go and those pesky traffic jams will become a thing of the past. Indeed, a car will certainly save time on long trips, however, you’ll find that for short journeys or through traffic jams, you will safely travel just as fast or faster on your bike.

Those horrible bumper to bumper snail like car journeys to festivals or concerts are long gone and getting there by bicycle is the ideal solution. Simply in and out and no having to get there hours prior to ensure a parking spot or having to park up miles away from the event. Also, no more hanging around for hours in traffic to get away after the event.

Community Friendly

You will then be able to get to the places you want to be and at the very same time put one less vehicle on the road. In addition, there’s no noise pollution involved and you will be able to interact with your neighbours as you ride along. No exhaust pollution is being spewed out, thus making bicycling Earth friendly.

Oddly enough, bicycle riding is like taking a literal ride back to the past in a time when people actually communicated with each other more, and who wouldn’t wish for that?