American doctor talking to senior man in surgery

Your primary care physician has a massive impact on your perception of the entire medical industry. It makes sense when you consider the fact that in 2014 over 80% of adults had contact with a healthcare professional in the US. That percentage jumps to over  90% of children! That means 9 out of every ten adults will interact with a health care provider in a given year, which means the overall customer service of your physician’s office will have a massive impact on your perception of health care as a whole.

Finding the right physician is usually a long, arduous process. In the meantime, though, you are still getting sick, needing check-ups, or prescriptions refilled. The best way to shrink that time frame and find your perfect doc sooner is by researching the options available to you. That means checking reviews online, asking friends or relatives, and most importantly checking the office’s website.

In today’s digital age a website is the new smile. It can color, or even cement, and impression of a business. It is your gateway into the minds of the business owners and can help you identify if the office is right for you. Check the services page, do they offer what you are looking for? Read the doctor’s bio, do they sound like someone you want to give money to? Last, but not least, check the testimonials page so you can see what their patients are saying. If the office is missing a testimonials page, then you may want to file them in the ‘no’ pile.

Whatever your method is, choosing a doctor is a big decision for you and your family. Take it seriously, and build a relationship with an important partner in your overall health.