Pregnancy is a very critical time in a woman’s life. it is definitely Joyce time but it is also a time to make  crucial decisions. A woman must remember that everything she consumes directly and indirectly affects the health of the child. The discretion has to be applied not only for food and beverages but also vaccinations. You will need to take certain vaccinations to not only protect yourself but also the Infant growing inside you. However, before taking any of the vaccinations it is essential to consult your doctor.  Some of the commonest vaccinations include flu and whooping cough. Other vaccines include rubella, measles, and mumps which should be given at least a month before you can conceive since these contain live viruses. Many of these vaccines can be taken either before or during pregnancy depending on the season and the physical condition of the mother.

Whooping cough:  This disease is quite deadly for your newborn. Most infants do not cough when they contract whooping cough. Instead,  their breathing get affected they tend to turn blue. Getting a vaccination against whooping cough can actually help you to save the baby because then your body will be producing antibodies to battle the germs.

Flu:  this disease create another search condition wherein the immunity our child Gets hampered. If you get the flu during pregnancy you are likely to suffer from premature labour and other problems. Getting a shot for flu is the best way to protect your infant. The time get a flu shot depends on the season.

Vaccination needed for travelling: If you are travelling then speak to your doctor to know if you require any particular vaccination for travelling to the particular place idea. Ideally, this should be done at least 6 weeks before you will be travelling.

Hepatitis B: Women affected by hepatitis B are more likely to transfer the virus to their infants. You will need to speak regarding hepatitis vaccines during pregnancy and how it will protect your child.

Other vaccinations: There might be more vaccinations available which will depend on the condition of specific mothers and their ailments. A thorough discussion with the healthcare provider is important both before and during pregnancy.

Before and during pregnancy you should maintain a record of all the vaccination you have taken till date. This data should be shared with your doctor or caregiver so that the number of necessary vaccination can be find out. The vaccines in pregnancy record also comes handy in understanding if the mother is allergic to any of the ingredients present in the vaccination. in such a case where the mother is  allergic It is wise speak to the Healthcare provider and take the recommended decision.

Are vaccines harmful for the Infant?

Some vaccines which contain live viruses should not be ideally be administered in the pregnancy. Others administered depending on the stage of the pregnancy while still others our best given someone before pregnancy all immediately after the birth of the Infant.