Essential Oils

When we start talking about essential oils and aromatherapy, the biggest advantage that we come across is that they are the best natural remedies to produce a subtle effect offering a more healthy and balanced life. There are many benefits of using essential oils. These ancient oils, that may look like a newly discovered fancy remedy, but these oils have been used for ages, but unlike old days they are not restricted to the rich class. It has become a common choice for millennials as they come with multiple advantages.

  1. EssentialOils affect one taking less than 2 seconds through the olfactory system that has innumerable olfactory cells into that. The chemical messengers pass through and create an impact on the brain. It impacts those areas, where memories are stored, and that helps to work on the mental, physical, and emotional levels, for example, they help to realize negative emotions that have been existing deep from the past, it works like peeling layers of the onions. The perfect example to beat anxious nerves is Limbu or Indian Lime that is vital to inhale, as even a drop via a vaporizer provides a calming effect and relaxes your body. It also helps in uplifting clarity and boosting focus. Essential oils like Rosemary tend to increase focus and decision making, other oils like sage, kewda, atamans, guleena help to sedate and produce calmness.
  2. Essential oils affect the Endocrine system through Olfactory and application as well. Essential oils affect the pituitary glands that control the entire endocrine system and the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is associated with ovaries as well. Therefore, application of tropical oils like Mogra, Kewda, Sandalwood, Clary sage, Rose Saffron, Patchouli, in basil oils that as the blend can be utilized on the third eye, and the throat, on the lower abdomen, the pelvic, feet, ankles, legs. This helps to balance hormones.
  3. Essential oils improve sleep through the Olfactory via misting, inhalation, and for nasal application of the oils, you should blend it before lathering into the nasal passage. The topical application of these blends on the head, nape of the neck, and the face have a positive impact. When someone applies the oil on the feet at night it provides a good night’s sleep and besides that, it is believed that when one massages his feet at night it keeps him healthy and keeps disease at bay. As we all know insomnia is becoming common nowadays. There are some essential oils with magical qualities that can send you to a good night’s sleep soon. Essential oil diffusers with kewada, lavender, frankincense, rhu khus, sandalwood are some of those few essential oils.
  4. Application through aromatic dressing regularly aids in benefitting all the systems that are associated with the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. The suitable blends allow to drain and detox the lymphatic system, hydrate and tone the skin, muscles and also tend to empower on the emotional and mental level.
  5. Ancient oils work great to strengthen the immune system as they are the defense mechanism of the plants and the immune system as well. Most essential oils are antimicrobial to a great extent and can help support the immune system with the application of these blissful tools that have been existing for ages. They are gifts of mother nature, that help us to heal from many emotions and create a positive effect on the soul, mind, and body.

Essential oils tend to produce subtle effects. There are a variety of oils that come with distinct quality, it is essential to utilize each as per your suitability. And it is also vital to use a high-quality product, such as the ones from Young Living Essential Oils.