Ultra therapy is a non invasive procedure which is done on wrinkled and dull skin on face, neck, brow and chin to lift, tighten and rejuvenate skin. Ultherapy procedure is done without surgery to lift loose skin. Ultherapy procedure uses safe ultrasound methods to tighten skin without going under knife and there will be no scars. Visit http://www.russakdermatology.com/ultherapy-new-york-city/ for more knowhow.

The ultherapy is safe and approved legally. Ultherapy enhances appearance by reducing wrinkles and lines by providing youthful and firm skin. The ultrasound procedure used in ultherapy targets damaged skin to depth and helps correct it. While undergoing ultherapy procedure, heating is done on targeted skin to create new collagen. For considerable skin tightening, right amount of heat is required which should be done by professional dermatologist to avoid abrasions.

More number of people in their mid age opting for ultherapy procedure to look young and maintain firm yet tight skin. The procedure involves small amounts of ultrasound energy deposited under the surface of skin. The pain and comfort levels differ from person to person and the area of the skin to be treated. When the ultherapy procedure is done around facial area, there will be more discomfort and skin will be more sensitive post procedure for some time. There will be numbness for a while undergoing the procedure which won’t last longer.

Currently, there are many methods to increase comfort level of the person undergoing ultherapy procedures. But the discomfort experienced during the treatment yield better and positive results. The results will last for one and half to two years and varies from one person to another according to their natural aging. Result last more than two years in few people. The procedure has to be done frequently to maintain firm skin.

The ultherapy procedure varies from person to person and choosing a good candidate also plays a crucial role. It will be highly beneficial for a patient when consulted by the surgeon who will be performing ultherapy. Surgeons choose respective candidates by assessing their type of skin, bone structure, and fat. Most of the patients achieve positive results post ultherapy procedure. The procedure has to be redone according to the aging process.

Benefits of Ultherapy

  • Ultherapy is a non invasive procedure done without undergoing knife and there will be no fear of scars. Visit http://www.russakdermatology.com/ultherapy-new-york-city/ for more knowhow.
  • Pain will be very minimal when compared with surgery.
  • Patients will experience mild tingling sensation on area of skin due to emitting heat into deep levels by rejuvenating collagen.
  • The tingling sensation will disappear in short span of time.
  • Patient can step out to do day to day chores directly after undergoing ultherapy procedure and no resting time required.
  • The treatment brings back youthful skin back and yields confidence in patients to mingle socially as before without worrying about looks!
  • But, the treatment is highly expensive and cannot be afforded by many.
  • The result will be noticed after few days of undergoing treatment and not seen instantly.
  • Post therapy yields confidence in patients as they retain youthful look once again!