Shakeology is a supplement taken by those people who are overweight and unhappy about their health conditions. It is a healthy meal alternative. It promises users the best results and it comes in a form of packet that lasts for a month. However, many people think that it is full with only protein which is not true. Though it contains some amount of protein in it, it is available to a certain limit. It not only contains protein but also all the ingredients that a good meal should have.

There are many places and shops this product can be acquired from. Both online and physical shops offer this product all around the globe, and one example is the Amazon online shop. There are other organizations whose specialty is to market the Shakeology goods and services. Such include Team Beachbody club. This club was founded in 2007 and it was tasked with the mandate of marketing Shakeology goods and services through buying and using them.

The price of Shakeology for members at Team Beachbody club is discounted. There are many benefits that the members enjoy. For example, a coach at Team Beachbody club saves over 25% when he buys a Shakeology. All members are entitled to a discount of 10% on the purchase of Shakeology. It comes with a lot of flavor with a monthly Shakeology pack.

Prices may vary according to where and through which channels you are purchasing the product. For instance, while buying it from an online shop, shipping fee has to incurred. So it will increase the total amount. Its retail price is around $130 but if it has to be shipped, an additional $10-14 has to be paid for shipping expense. Remember it is for monthly subscription and an equal amount needs to be paid on every month in order to receive the Shakeology pack. Another way of getting a fair price on Shakeology is using Auto-ship where shipping fee could be as low as $2. This makes the general cost of buying Shakeology a lot less.

It is very important to note that though many consider Shakeology to be expensive, it is worth every penny. First of all, it is a wholesome supplement. So it saves the cost of taking more meals every day. Mathematically, it comes to around $4.35 per day. This amount may sound expensive on a daily basis but the quality is high and promising as reviewed by different users. So the price may seem high for some customers but generally it is worth to go for Shakeology than going for much cheaper alternatives. With quality comes the high prices and this is what is in play here.

If the product had to be shipped to the Middle-East or Africa for example, the price would have definitely increased in order to cover for the transportation fee incurred and the taxes paid before the product reached its customers. Moreover, the benefits it provide will surely make up for the cost for you.