When it comes to weight gain and fat accumulation, people usually consider belly fat and want to remove it.

However, there are many other areas on our body which accumulate fat and look unsightly. One of the most common among these is back fat alias bra bulge.

Although it’s not given much importance when it comes to fat removal mainly because it can be easily concealed below your clothes but behind clothes fat keeps growing stealthily.

Unfortunately, the back fat not being in front of you, usually goes unnoticed and so, untreated, till it starts bulging further on your shoulders, sides and abdomen.

Till it reaches these spots, the back fat turns into a horrible ghost that sticks to you wherever you go.

Well, the good news is that although the back fat can be as disgustingly stubborn as a monster, it’s really not an unbeatable specter.

You can beat your back fat with methods like coolsculpting about which you can know more at https://www.chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au/coolsculpting-melbourne/ or at your trusted cosmetic clinic’s website.

Plus there are many tricks you can follow to beat your back fat.

What is Bra Bulge or Back Fat?

Your bra bulge, love handles and muffin top are all associated to your excessive back fat either directly or indirectly.

Men can hide the latter two often easily. However, women have to wear bras every morning and if they have back fat, they are forced to mark their dreaded bra bulge.

But whether it’s a man or a woman, these undesirable folds and bulges can be disheartening and worrying.

How is Back Fat Caused?

All people are born with a finite number of adipose cells or fat cells. When you accumulate fat, these cells expand.

How do some areas (such as back) inflate more than others? Actually, it’s a combination of muscle atrophy, genetics and eating habits.

While we cannot do much about genetics, we can win over the other two issues.

There are three groups of muscles into your back controlling thoracic cage, shoulders and vertebral column.

Trapezius muscle running from your neck past shoulders connects at the middle of your spine.

Beneath trapezius, there are levator scapulae (running from upper shoulder to top neck and the rhomboids (running from shoulder bottom to upper spine).

Below these muscles, there is latissimus doris running from the armpit towards the middle spine and down towards hip.

In short, your back is not only a solid structure. Just as your front portion of body includes obliques, pectorals, abdominals etc. your back and shoulders too consist of muscles.

Knowledge about them will help you plan your strategies for fat reduction. At least, with their help you can understand the anatomical drawings on your gym machines.

Now, you are well aware of the fact that unhealthy foods and a lack of exercise results in weight gain. What is not known to several people is that their back muscles are usually highly underutilised and wrongly stressed every day.

A typical office-goer sitting at a desk throughout the day can suffer from serious stress and damage to his spine and related muscles.

Thus you have to understand that an unhealthy diet paired with an absence of muscle utilisation is a major cause of back fat.

Although there are ways like non-surgical liposuction Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or if you’re not in the area you can just visit a reputable cosmetic clinic that is near your place, you can follow certain tips for back fat removal.

Tips for Back Fat Removal

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Avoid sodas and sugary drinks
  • Avoid sugar, starches, sodium, saturated (and trans) fat and carbohydrates
  • Perform back fat exercises such as cardio, high intensity interval training (HIIT), core and glute exercises
  • Decrease caffeine (or any other stimulants) before bed
  • Get a relaxing massage and/or facial

All in all, with regular exercise and improved eating habits, you can win over back fat. So, don’t get disappointed and go ahead!