Stanozolol also known as Winstrol is one of the steroid which helps in developing the steroid industry in the market.  It was developed by Winthrop laboratories in the year 1962. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DTH) and is same in chemical composition with some small difference which makes it unique. It is also known by different names in the market which are Winny or Winstrol50. It is an anabolic steroid which produces high anabolic activity with slight of androgenic activity. It is majorly used by celebrities, body builders and athletes. Because of its effects such as building muscles, weight loss and enhancing of performance it is popular in whole of the world. The biggest benefit of using Winstrol is that it improves physical appearance to the great extent. There are several reviews and pictures available in the internet which shows remarkable transformation of the person. Winstrol is produced in Alkylated form which able it to pass from liver without destroying. Liver consist of many enzymes which can make Winstrol denatured but its alkylated form helps in protecting it. It is available in pills, tablets injection and sprays. Injection of Winstrol is quite common. Basically body builders use injection for bodybuilding.

Injection is most effective way to take Winstrol then others because it is directly injected into the blood stream. Tablets and pills are time consuming as they first enter in the body, take time to dissolve and then absorbed by blood. While injectable form directly skip all these process and get dissolved in the blood. Blood takes it to the various part of the body from where it started working and affects the body vastly. I majorly affect those parts which need to be improved. Winstrol is prescribed by many doctors as a treatment of many health issues such as kidney problems, clotting disorders, diabetes, anemia, breast cancer and hereditary angiodema Winstrol dosage changes form the pills and injection for body building. Every person who takes Winstrol had to focus on his body throughout the time. Keep indulging into workout and following a proper diet will work and increase the effects of Winstrol in the body. A healthy routine while consuming Winstrol injection will also help you protecting yourself from side effects. Winstrol injection can also be taken by women who wish or improve their physique. Winstrol is banned in many sports organization because of many players found guilty abusing it before the games. These players include some famous personalities also. Winstrol is also banned by many countries regarding its side effects while other find it’s safe to consume but only on precautions. It is available on prescription by doctors. One of the worst side effects of using Winstrol is toxicity to the lungs which causes various serious problems. Women who are pregnant or planning to get should not use the drug. Anyone with lungs problem or history of it should also avoid the drugs.  Precaution should be taken while using the drug.