‘Fitness Mania’ is a new term of today’s generation. Now days everyone are extremely obsessive about fitness. In this endeavor to attain fitness one surrenders a lot when it comes to diet. Lot of calories is cut down in the food. Eating calculatedly becomes a trait in order to achieve this goal. We tend to forget the practical thought that we lose lot of body muscles and it’s mass due to insufficient intake. Coming to a sports person the need to be a fitness freak is there as part of his career but then at the same time he must take care of the strength he has and the adequacy of vitamins and nutrients in his body. When the calorie intake is limited then there is a downfall in the strength. Athletes have to strike a balance managing both diet and the physical activity. Finally, at the end of the day he has to be a performer and he must perform desirably. A sport person mostly uses steroid for improving their performance. Steroids help an individual to keep up the spirit in terms of battling the game. Stanozol is one such steroid that is helpful in improving the strength and enhancing the performance of an athlete. However, one must understand and grab a knowhow about the responsible use of steroids.

Stanazol – One of the best options for athletes: – Stanozol is nothing but a manmade steroid. It is an extract of testerone which is a natural occurring enzyme. It is an androgen anabolic steroid derived from di hyro testerone (DHT). It was developed by American pharmaceutical company Winthrop Laboratories and has been approved by the Food and drug administration (FDA). It is available in both solid and liquid forms. They can be consumed in the form of tablets or can be injected into our body. Although one need to take these steroids only under the guidance of an advisor. It helps in building a body with appropriate mass and muscle.

A perfect body with good physique having a vascular appearance is the result of responsible use of steroids. Stanozol must be compulsorily used as per the prescription. Self-decisions can do extreme dangerous things. They are used during horse riding. The coaches make it a part of the course. Any steroid when taken moderately with proper supervision and regular intervals of time along with regulation and modification when needed will yield good results and this is considered to be a wise process. The effects of a steroid completely depend on an individual’s body. It is not the same for everybody. The consequences are completely unique. As stanozol controls the SHBG levels which are enzymes produced by liver. The side effects can be serious as liver is the part that gets affected. Pregnant women cannot take this steroid as it causes birth defect to an unborn baby. Over dosage of a steroid can cause life threatening issues. Certain side effects like insomnia, allergy, headache, swelling of arms and legs are seen.