Doctor Appointment

A prospective patient is sure to react to month’s long wait while making an appointment with a doctor. Does it mean that the doctor is in high demand or a worrisome sign of an access problem, driving away patients and referrals? The cultural shift in medicine has tipped toward patient-driven care while previously it was long wait times a status symbol. To give the same-day appointment to the new patients regardless of urgency is sure to transform practice operations for better.

Revenue increases by offering same-day appointments

In a research conducted it was found that an increase revenue and satisfaction of patient is increased by providing same day doctor appointments. The idea was not heard of before for the non-emergent patients, but facing the great competition and patients with the rise in expectations. The clinic manager introduced a new scheduling model and was astonished at the findings:-

80% commercial insurance and greater prayer mix was attracted with the same day appointments.

80% of the patients were able to book their appointment as requested.

Some of the patient who wanted the same day booking online got it for the next week.

The same day doctor service attracted more informed patient who needed a non-emergent procedure and not care for some sort of trauma.

Each of the duty doctors in practice set aside some time from their schedule for the same day bookings. The results are very promising and are spreading to other specialty clinics in the health system.

Same day doctor appointments have interesting results for providers who wish to provide better patient-centered care. Patient fusion is an existing tool that allows patients to request and book appointments online. Excellent care is expected by newer medical consumers meaning that they will get easy access and cost-effective medicine. Non-urgent need patients need not wait for appointment for weeks. It is thus best to offer same day appointments to all new patients as this service can improve your patient’s satisfaction.

Quality care when you want it

The same day doctor will be able to diagnose and treat any and all health issues with sensitivity and respect. Every member doctor works as a team and provide care to the individual patients need. They will know when to refer the patient to an experienced consultant specialists or higher levels of service and expertise.

Patients do not like waiting in long wait times either in the office on the day of the visit or when scheduling the appointment itself. The same-day appointment provides the patient with more consistent care at a lower cost. Patients who are unable to book an appointment for an illness or injury on the same day might feel the need to see their independent may prefer to visit the doctor in an emergency room, walk-in clinic or urgent care. Patients who need more immediate care to schedule appointments benefits both patient and independent physician in these cases.