Propranolol, also circulated under the brand name of bedranol SR, is a beta-blocker used to cure an ample of medical conditions. Its main role is to prevent messages received by the heart from nerves by limiting beta adrenergic receptors where the heart gets all the messages. It causes the heart to beat slower and not with much strong pumps. Heart rhythm is maintained at a low point and the pressure of blood is decreased in the blood vessels. If someone is in a state of angina, chest pain can be decreased because of heart using less energy with propranolol.


Not all individuals have medication friendly bodies. Some get different kinds of allergies. As the drug is noticed, people having heart conditions are preferred to use it and are necessary to discuss it with a doctor. If following symptoms are noticed;

  • Slow or irregular heartbeat.
  • Planning to get pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Breathing disorder or asthma.
  • If you suffer from psoriasis.
  • Using other medication, as the drug can interact with herbal and contemporary medicines.
  • To be sure, tablets are circular, silver coated and pink.

Other important information is mentioned in the patient information leaflet provided in the packaging.


It has to be a well-known fact to everyone that medication should be taken after consulting and prescribed by the doctor. A leaflet provided in the packaging is where we can start and it will give all the information needed. Drug can also make side effects, so the encounter strategy should also be made and placed in the treatment plan.

Take the dose with a glass of water which is preferred before meals. To stop consuming it at once without the advice of the doctor would not be a good idea. If an overdose is taken, doctor must be consulted immediately, as it can cause confusion, body spasms, dizziness and sickness. So it is suggested to seek assistance. If a dose is skipped by mistake, it can be consumed later but not when the time of next dose is near, if the medication is halt suddenly, it can cause shaking, sweating, irregular heartbeat and more. Dosage can be reduced with the passage of time and advised by the doctor, you can buy this special drug from UK meds by visiting at