A number of articles are available online that suggest the use of steroid to gain the right mass by anincrease in one’s muscle.  There is also another kind which helps in the reduction of one’s weight by the help of weight loss. This happens by the reduction of the fat content in the body. One of such type of drug is Clenbuterol (Clen) which is used for getting the toned effect.  It is important to know that many different forms of the Clenare present that in the market. Some people prefer using Clendrops, but the information regarding its use is not present.  It is important to know about the dosage to prevent any issues regarding its use.


Clenbuterol is normally present in the market in the form of a hydrochloride. It is predominant as it deals with the treatment of breathing disorders like asthma. It is a beta 2- receptor agonist, and it works as a sympathomimetic acting on the nervous system.  It is important to understand that Clen is a non- steroid form of thedrug which helps in theclearing of the congested airways allowing easier flow of air into the passage. It is due to this reason that it is used in many different countries apart from U.S where other drugs are present to treat thesame medical condition. The popularity of the product in the sports community is due to the thermogenic effect. It is due to this reason that it is important to know how to take in a cycle to get the maximum benefit.

Benefits of Clen use


Clen is a drug which leads to effective loss of the unwanted fat in the body. It has been used in the development of the toned look of the body. It is a thermogenic drug that increases the metabolic rates allowing lipolysis in the body. It has been effectively promoting the activation of mitochondria in each cell to promote more energy. This stimulates the increase of the body temperature that helps in the reduction of triglyceride to produce more energy.  Many athletes who have breathing problem also get additional benefits apart from fat loss. It allows them to breathe easily helping them in the sport of their choice.  Clen increases the aerobic flow by increasing the amount of the oxygen that is present in the blood.

Using Clen for beginners

Clen must be used carefully as it deals with the loss of fat in the body. But overdoing it might lead to,loss of the muscle that you have worked so hard to get. It is due to this that it is important to understand how to take in a cycle. Many people prefer to use theliquid form as it is easier to handle.  The beginners often use it about 20-40mcg in males.  The female users require using it in lower doses of 10-20 mcg to get the right kind of the effect.  Many experienced users use lower dose the beginning of the cycle with agradual increase at the end.  In males, the dose must not exceed for more than 100-140 mcg. Some other athletes prefer using 16 drops to get the right effect. Care must be taken to prevent over measuring as it would lead to negative impacts which include insomnia and jittery feeling. It is due to this reason that users must carefully research and use liquid Clen carefully to prevent it.