Mental disorders are many in number, but one of the most commonly known is Schizophrenia, which is experienced in young and old alike. This is a disorder of the brain in which the cognitive thinking ability of an individual is greatly damaged and he/she is unable to think in logical terms, according to normal standards.

The most instant or regular outcome of this is that the patient is completely shy of his social surrounding and prefers to stay aloof from it. Whenever a patient of this disorder visits an able doctor like Jonathan Lauter he/she is diagnosed on the basis of the prevalent and more pronounced symptoms of the disorder’s sub types.

According to experts, hallucinations, uncalled for social behaviour, and delusions are among the common symptoms of this disorder. Day dreaming or even imaging things that are not real is also among its commonly experienced reactions. The rational thinking of the person is absolutely lost which is why these patients are witnessed to exhibit rather abnormal behaviour, such as talking to some imaginary character.

Schizophrenia has a few sub types of which the most common is the Paranoid Schizophrenia. This is the medical and mental condition in which the patient goes through immense fear or paranoia of some substance. The auditory delusions are a very regular feature of this type, in which the patients hears voices. The theme of delusion may differ from patient to patient, but the underlying feeling that of being conspired against is similar in most cases.

The Disorganized Schizophrenia is another type of the lot, wherein, the disorganised and confusing thoughts of the affected are easily notable. Daily activities such as dressing up, are carried out with a lot of difficulty by these patients, however, fortunately, the delusions are not a major cause of concern herein.

Jonathan Lauter is a gem in the world of psychiatry and he understands very well that the brain is the organ that is responsible for both the inherent and acquired behavioural patterns of the individual. His thirty years of practice has given him the clearly knowledge of the brain being the ultimate anticipatory tool of the human body. He, thus, always encourages his students to handle patients of any kind of mental illness, with utmost care and concern.

Then there is the Catatonic Schizophrenia, which is diagnosed by studying the movements of the concerned individual. This is because, the ones affected by this become virtually immobile, as well as restrict any attempts of movement. Mimicking someone else’s posture, or adopting a specific posture for a long time is among its signs. They also have the tendency to keep on repeating certain physical gestures.

The two other known types of Schizophrenia are Residual and Undifferentiated Schizophrenia. All in all this is a mental disorder that is absolutely daunting and extremely challenging, not for the patient alone, but for his entire family and all his near and dear ones. Hence to make the pain of enduring this ailment less and fighting it bravely, the only weapon that the family should use is love and endless amount of patience.