Lebron James and Steroid Use

Success always comes with controversy. It happens to every celebrity. Scandals and accusations are normal in their world. Even sports celebrities are not excluded. Lebron James has a first-hand experience with this. Negative talks about the basketball superstar and the suspicions about his steroid use are not new to anyone. He is no doubt one of the best basketball players of all time. However, he is also very popular when it comes to negative news about him being linked to steroids even since he was just starting in the NBA.

His impressive physique is one of the reasons why people are questioning Lebron James of steroid use. Lebron James never admitted that he used steroids. Even though sources have emerged to prove otherwise, the suspicions still remain unproven.

What Are Steroids?

If a bodybuilder is looking into having super strength, the steroid is the answer. This is a synthetic male hormone that has quite number positive and negative effects on the human body. The use of Anabolic steroids in sports organizations is strongly prohibited. However, athletes can still find a way to get them. Most steroids are injectables that are used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance muscle growth, physique, and performance.

Evidence to Link Lebron James to Steroid Use

Each person has their own opinion about the issue. They might be correct, or maybe not. No one can really prove it. However, one blogger has gathered information and evidence to prove that James is indeed using steroids.  He said that the increased level of aggression, James’ disrespectful behavior, his poor decision-making, depression and even hair loss are the evidence that he can come up to prove that Lebron James is using steroids.

Is this evidence enough? A lot of people may disagree but it made some of the reader’s think of the possibility that the blogger might be correct with his assumptions. In the sports world, many athletes have been caught with using performance-enhancing steroids. This just means that anything is possible. James may or may not have used steroids; no one can really prove it yet.

NBA and Drug Testing

The National Basketball Association is indeed doing their drug tests with their athletes. Steroids and testosterone are the main drugs that they are looking for. Whatever drugs the league tests for; it is possible for the rich kids to find a way around it. We have to remember that even the most common person can get away with a drug test. Just imagine what a person with millions in his bank account can or cannot do.

Steroid and Non-Contact Sports

Basketball is one of the non-contact sports. If it is boxing or football, then this concern should be investigated further. Sports fans say that steroids do not benefit basketball players. Since steroids provide super strength to its users, being too strong can make basketball shooting worse.

What’s The Verdict?

Accusing anyone with drug-use is unfair, even for Lebron James. It’s not his fault if he looks stronger and better than anybody does. This does mean that he is on steroids. Remember that hair loss is hereditary. His body might just be the result of a good workout plan and diet.