Senior patient broken arm in doctor office

When a person suffers an injury, it is often possible to make a claim for compensation, if it can be proven that a third party was in some way negligent. It could be a situation when a pedestrian steps out in front of a vehicle, and although the pedestrian was partly to blame, so was the driver of the car, and in this case, it is likely the court would award a percentage of the full compensation, as blame was partial. There are many other scenarios when a person might suffer an injury, tripping over a raised paving slab, for example, and if it can be proven that the local council was negligent by not repairing the raised slab, then compensation would be awarded. It isn’t always straightforward regarding blame, which is why you should contact a legal expert if you are ever injured, and here is some useful information to help the process a little easier.

Online Solutions

Fortunately, sourcing expert legal help is now easier than ever before, as an online search will reveal the whereabouts of a team of solicitors. A person might, for example, be seeking a brain injury lawyer in Kent, and an online search is all it takes to make contact with someone who specialises in accident and personal injury claims.

No Win – No Fee

This system enables anyone who thinks they have a case for claiming compensation to verify if this is, in fact, the case. A personal injury lawyer would review a case, and if in their opinion, your claim was justified, the lawyer would likely represent you on a “no win-no fee” basis. In the event the lawyer feels it is difficult to prove negligence, then he or she would advise you not to pursue the claim.


This is the key word with personal injury claims. If a court decides that a third party was either partially or fully negligent, they would award compensation to the injured party. If the claimant has images and/or witness statements, it makes for a stronger case, and with medical reports and any other information that might be relevant, your lawyer can build a case for your claim.

Initial Contact

If a person slipped on a wet floor, for example, and there were no signs displayed to warn people of this, the owner of the building might be negligent. Even though it was the cleaner who forgot to put out the sign, the building owner is liable, as they employ the cleaner, therefore it is possible to claim compensation for the injury. If this happened, the injured person must make contact with the owner of the building as soon as possible, informing them of the incident and your injuries. Ideally, this would be in the form of a registered letter, which can be produced as evidence.

Online lawyers who are experts in filing personal injury claims will soon be able to help you decide whether or not to claim. In the event the lawyer recommends going ahead with the claim, you can relax, knowing you are in expert hands.